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How about Replacing Your Traditional Car Shade for A Folding One?

Mar 12, 2019, 4:32 pm / Evelyn Smith
Your car is your property and you will always need to keep it neat and clean and obviously protected. Lanmodo car shade is an excellent solution for car protection. It has its awesome folding, unfolding features with multi-functional activity. Consequently Lanmodo car sun shade is well demanded and best sale item for a car. It is a compact to ensure you can utilize it wherever when you stop your car. Using traditional car cover you may have found much inconvenience and you will be confident to purchase new one, which is Lanmodo folding car sun shade.

The main features of traditional car shade

  1. The traditional car cover is unfolding. If folding it has no suitable case to keeps it folding. Sometimes the folded shade gets unfold suddenly without touch and it creates trouble to the user. The unfolding feature of a car cover is very much troublesome and people will get into boredom with the traditional one.
  2. Immovable is one of the other features for a traditional car shade. The unfolding car shade cannot be kept into a suitable place. You cannot carry the shade to any place that you want. Moving with the traditional car shade will cause different problems. So having a suitable movable car shade is desired for all car owners.
  3. The traditional car shade is bulky and does not look cool. A luxury car needs a luxury car shade otherwise it will lose its appeal and beauty.
  4. Traditional car covers functions are very nominal. It covers the car only. It does not protect the car as the car owner desires. It cannot protect car from hard dropping like rock. Traditional car shade works just a single function.
  5. A traditional car shade can protect the car only in a specific time and space. It does not work four seasons. Only in winter or in summer, not for the both and other two seasons are not counted at all in traditional look car shade.

A new type of folding car shade- Lanmodo

  1. Foldable and portable: The principal advantage to appreciate from the car shade is it is foldable and portable. Being portable and foldable essentially implies that it tends to be moved starting with one place to another easily. Lanmodo folding car sun shade is easily foldable that it takes only 30 seconds to set up and only 8 seconds to fold and unfold. The foldable car windshield sun shade can be kept in car trunk and you can move here and there without minding anything about the care of your car.
  2. Removable and dexterous: Lanmodo folding car sun shade has the best material in its structure. The structure works with incredible fiberglass material to keep shielded the auto from the effect of snowfall, hail and falling articles. Lanmodo car windshield sun shade folding is all around sufficiently developed and will guarantee the car in a disagreeably windy day. Lanmodo car sun shade is manufactured with 3 layer Pu silver covered oxford materials. Oxford garments are champion among the most solid and most grounded materials to shield something from outside mischief. It is waterproof and sturdy and can ward off your car from corrosive rain, winged creature droppings, residue or takes off.
  3. Multifunctional: Making utilization of an additional stand and side covering, you can change over your car tent into a major sunshade in the lawn, seashore, and parasol. Not just this, you can make utilization of it as an outdoors tent under which you can get joy from an open air party. Besides this, Lanmodo programmed auto car sun shade additionally conveys a USB attachment that can enable you to charge your handset. The USB port fitted inside the umbrella is situated close to the suction base. It can help you to charge your gadget when its battery gets low or interface LED lights.

Other features that Lanmodo has in its car shade

  1. Auto and semi-auto and easy to operate: The intriguing thing about Lanmodo car shade is that it is worked effortlessly of utilization highlight. Full establishment for both semi-auto and auto Lanmodo car cover takes just 30s. The open and close activity just takes 8s for both semi-auto and auto.
  2. One click to open and close, saving much time: The automatic sun shade putting on the umbrella is finished with the assistance of remote control. You can operate the umbrella with a simple click and save much time.
  3. Protection all the time and anywhere: Lanmodo car sun shade protects over four seasons. It keeps car away from UV Ray in summer and keeps the equipment new for long time. In winter the umbrella will protect car from snow and hails. It also maintains the car body structure from unwanted dropping things in autumn and spring.

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