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Top 6 Car Gadgets that Increases Safety During Night Driving

Apr 29, 2020, 9:12 am / Abigail Williams

We all are quite aware of the fact that driving at night is dangerous, whether you are driving on the highway or the streets. It is stated that, even though the traffic reduces at night, the road fatality rate increases 3 times. This is mostly because we neglect the rules and our eyes do not work their best at night. It gets very difficult for us to see ahead and cars just come in front of ours in the blink of an eye, making it almost impossible for us to control the car. This is why we are suggesting six car gadgets that will help you when you are driving at night.

1. Night Vision Camera for Car

Night vision camera for a car seems a novel gadget to many, but it proves to be a very useful device, because it increases the perception of a driver and allows to get a clear view of the road even in the darkness. Today we are introducing one portable night vision camera created by Lanmodo, it has an IPS screen and a front-facing camera that will capture clear images. The device will show you 1080p image in full color, so drivers can take precaution measures in advance. What’s better, this car gadget is available for all types of cars.

2. Backup Mirror Dashcam

This car gadget has entered the market for a log time and proven to be one of the best products. When you are driving at night, your side mirrors and the rear-view mirror don’t do you much good. So the need for dashcams arose. This car gadget allows you to see quite a distance of the back view, and meanwhile it can record videos of your travel, in case an incident happens.

3. Blind Spot Mirror

Blind spot mirror is a very handy car gadget. It may be very small but does an amazing job. When you are changing lanes or making a turn, you may miss a spot because the car mirrors can’t give you a complete view. But the blind spot mirror allows you to have a full view to avoid a car crash or a sudden car hit from the back; especially at night. Moreover, they are very useful for parking or reversing.

4. Lane Keeping Assist

This is a very helpful car gadget, especially for night driving. What it does is to helps you stay in one lane. In history, specifically on the highways, people have gotten in a car crash. This car gadget was designed to prevent such accidents. It sends an alert via flashing lights, sound, and vibration when you deviate from lanes. The sensor detects the painted road line and automatically processes your lane. So, even if you are on a high way of driving at night, you must have this gadget in order to drive safely.

5. GPS Navigation

Navigation system is also a popular and practical gadget. Nowadays there are innovative navigation systems that have a built-in heads-up display. It is a digital translucent screen that comes like a projection on your windshield, it gives you information related to your car, truck or kind of vehicle you are driving and saves your time. You can download the app and connect it to your smart navigation system which keeps you updated about your speed, map, fuel range, and many other features. This can be very handy, as you will not have to spend much time looking into your phone for a map which is perfect when driving at night.

6. Parking Sensor

An essential skill for any driver is the ability to park a car. A couple of decades ago, parking safely was a task itself but today it has become easy and effortless. People use parking sensors when parking, it works very well especially at night, you can always look through your car screen to park easily. These sensors have motion sensors that detect the distance and alignment of your car and lets you park your car easily with safety.

This article was written to help people drive and even park safely at night as darkness presents more challenges. The car gadgets mentioned in this article are really helpful for the night drivers, as they make things easy and safe for the drivers.

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