• 8 Side Canopies for 3.5M Size
  • 8 Side Canopies for 3.5M Size
  • 8 Side Canopies for 3.5M Size

8 Side Canopies for 3.5M Size

Size : 1.8M * 2.1M
Color : Navy Black Silver
Price : $ $ ( Worldwide Free shipping )
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Please note:

  • This purchase page is only for automatic type tent.
  • Before placing order here, please make sure you already got Car Tent and Stand.
  • These 8 side canopies just for those customers who already got Car Tent and Stand but want to upgrade to All-in-One unit.

How to Fix 8 Side Canopies With Car Tent

Please fix the Car Tent with Stand first, then follow the steps below to transfer it into a Camping Tent:
  • Take out all 8 side canopies and find the correct position for each side canopy (There are markers on each canopy, please follow the image below).
  • Unlock the buckles on car tent and fix side canopies on car tent by buttoning up double-buckles one by one.
  • Pulling up zippers to combine together side canopies.
  • If needed, use 2 tent poles to leave a door for your camping tent.
  • If need, use ropes and pegs to strengthen it.

Markers on 8 Side Canopies

What You Will Get in This Package:

Side Canopies   X  8
USB LED Lamp  X  1
Tent Pole   X  2
Pull Ropes  X  2
Tent Pegs  X  10

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