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7 Ways to Upgrade Your Car with New Technology

Jun 19, 2020, 9:21 am / Evelyn Smith

Today’s car models are equipped with increasingly advanced features for the drivers’ safety, such as blind spot monitoring, automatic braking and some comfort features. However, not everyone can afford to buy an expensive car technology package. You might just want to hold on to your current ride, meanwhile adding some upgrades that can improve your car’s performance and give your vehicle the capabilities that are available in new models.

Here are some car technology features to freshen your old model car without having to spend a fortune and they all seem encouraging.

1. Tire Pressure Monitor

The purpose of the tire pressure monitor is to report to you the real-time pressure of your tires, as suitable tire pressure is important to a smooth drive. This early recognition of the unsafe condition of the tires can avoid traffic accidents, decrease tire wear and increase fuel economy. When it detects low pressure, a warning light will show on the gauge display.

2. Portable Night Vision Camera

If you often drive at night, it’s really hard for you to catch a clear view of the road, which can be dangerous if a pedestrian or an animal that you cannot readily notice jump in suddenly. Thankfully, there is an accessory called the Lanmodo portable night vision camera, a technology that very well serve the purpose of improving visibility in low light conditions. You can just position it on your windshield or dashboard, the installation is very easy. It provides an expansive 8.2” IPS screen, capable of providing 1080p high resolution image in the dark. The 36-degree field of view can also capture a broader view, Lanmdoo camera is definitely a must-have for night driving.

3. Parking Sensors

If you need to maneuver your car in and out of small parking spaces, you may get stressed due to the difficulty in doing this, plus the possibility of your car door getting scratched or the possibility of getting into a minor collision. Parking sensors are a more affordable way to get help for your current vehicle. Sensors get activated when the car shifts into reverse and detect the surrounding objects via sound waves. You will be warned by lights or increased beeping when you are close to hitting something, hence you can react accordingly in such circumstances.

4. Air Suspension

The air suspension of a car essentially replaces the coil springs with air springs, which can be either rubber or plastic bags inflated to a certain height and pressure to imitate the coil springs. The air suspension provides some benefits, foremost of which is the quality of the ride. Cars with air suspension often “glide” over bumps (just like the luxury cars), compared to traditional spring suspension where the ride can be uncomfortable.

5. Fog Lights

Fog lights enable a car to be seen when visibility is less than 100 meters. When the road is foggy, these lights will not be able to help you see further up; but you need to turn on the main lights. If you’re not sure when to use the fog lights, you just follow a broadly accurate guide or principle like this: If you cannot see the tail lights of the vehicle in front of you, then you should use the fog lights.

6. Full LCD Instrument Cluster

This car technology is a huge upgrade that you carry out on the original instrument panel of your car. Some things that you can find on this panel include the speedometer, fuel gauge, rev counter and temperature gauge. You can also find these on the original instrument panel and it differs only in such that; the full LCD instrument panel shows the information digital style and in color. It also has several other functions, such as navigation, odometers, external cameras, fuel economy, temperature, tire pressure, other car settings and many others.

7. Automatic Emergency Braking

This new car technology promotes safety, because it alerts you to a crash that is about to happen. It helps you to use the maximum braking capacity of your vehicle and improves your car’s performance. If you are in a very critical situation and no human response is made, the automatic emergency braking will brake independently. It may work on city streets to detect other vehicles in front of you and prevent crashes. It may scan ahead up to 200 meters, using long range radar and it may also detect movements of pedestrians that are in the path of your car.

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