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What High-Tech Things Can Cars Do Now?

Jun 15, 2020, 9:18 am / Brian Lageose

Automobile industry is bringing new innovations and advancements in technologies at a fast pace. Every year we see a car offering a new and unique feature. These upgraded and high-tech features are not only found in luxury cars but are also making their way in to the inexpensive cars. Car makers introduce these features to make your driving experience better in every aspect, whether it is comfort, safety, efficiency or connectivity. Since there are so many options available in the market and choosing the right car with the best features can be exhausting. Therefore, this article will summarise few of the most high-tech features present in today's latest cars which you should consider while buying your next vehicle.

In-car WiFi

Internet has become one of the essential aspect of our daily life. We can hardly imagine our life without google, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. The car industry understands our need and has introduced WiFi system in cars which is connected through an antenna on the roof. These WiFi devices are extremely useful and dependable. So, whether you have to attend a live video conference or want to stream a live game or you're looking for a nearby place eat this WiFi device will solve all your queries in a blink of an eye.

Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication

V2V communication is designed to help the drivers communicate information regarding their vehicle's speed, location and their direction. Using this device the drivers create awareness about the nearby vehicles to prevent potential car crash. The message from the surrounding vehicles is transmitted through audible, visual and tactile alert to warn the drivers. Through these alerts the driver can take precautionary measures. The device has the range to receive messages send from over 300m afar. The best part of the system is that it does not disclose the personal identity of the sender, making it completely safe and reliable.

360 Degrees Parking Camera

It's one of the impressive devices of modern high-tech advancements. The 360-degrees parking camera can be lifesaver when there is narrow car parking space. The cameras are cleverly installed in the grille, under the side view mirrors and near the boot latch. All the cameras are connected to the car's infotainment screen. You can either see the complete view of a specific camera or you can also have a bird eye view of the car from about 10m above. The system combines the images from all the camera and make them seem like a one big picture. The system also sends audible warning signals through its rear and front parking sensors if an object comes in close proximity.

Wireless Phone Charger

Many vehicles have now started to incorporate wireless charging tray to power up your phones without any lead. You just need to have a compatible phone and case which supports this high-tech device and you are good to go. Popular phone from Samsung, Apple and Sony are compatible to this charger or any phone that supports Qi wireless charging standards should be able to benefit from this wireless charger. This modern technology will not let you go anywhere without an uncharged phone, you can easily put your phone into the tray while you drive and boost your phone's battery.

Digital Instrumental Panel

Digital instrument panel or digital instrument cluster is a transmission from analog meters and gauges to all-digital cluster. The panel combines all the vehicle's driving information like speed, remaining fuel, trip distance or charge level and provide it in a digital form, making it easy for the drivers to read. Along with this, the panel also displays the external information like outside weather, temperature and time clock. The panel is also connected to the vehicle's infotainment system, allowing you to control multimedia or even make phone call if your phone book is linked with the system.

Heads-up Display

The heads-up display projects the vehicle's real time data like speed, temperature, GPS maps, etc. to the windshield. With the help of this device, the driver can check the status of their vehicle's engine fluid while keeping his eyes on the road. The system uses a larger area to display the information, but also keep it subtle without hindering your vision. The display has multiple colour and different symbols for each data so that you're able to see the desired information with only a glance.

Night Vision System

This system enables the driver to have a crystal clear view of the road even in low-lit conditions. When you drive at night you need something better than headlights to keep you safe and secure. Not only this, during heavy rain or fog it can be difficult for the driver to spot pedestrian, animals and other vehicles on the road. Night vision system shows you the animals and other objects before your headlights can spot them. The right night vision system can help you detect any obstacle from far away and gives you enough time to take the necessary action to avoid unfortunate scenes.

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