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How to Shop for the Best Car for Your Teen?

Sep 21, 2020, 9:29 am / Evelyn Smith

Your little boy just turned 18 and now he is impatiently waiting for the moment you will buy him, his own personal car. Teens these days get all eager and impatient at the very thought of lending their hands on a new car. But as a parent, it is your concern to select the best car for the new driver!

Part 1 Important consideration

When it comes to buying a new car for a young teenager, there are a number of things to consider before you make the big leap. Safety, size, reliability and budget-friendliness are some features that you must contemplate while selecting a car.

Either you are going for a brand new model or you have saved money to invest in a certified pre-owned car, you must check the safety aspects within a car. Latest model cars provide you airbags safety, blind-spot monitoring system and electronic stability control. But you can always expand a used car with safety gadgets which is much reliable as well as affordable, like a Lanmodo night vision car camera.

Size is an important issue to ponder over while purchasing a car for your teen. According to the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS) go for heavy and big vehicles for your teen. Heavy vehicles have a tendency to survive crashes thus ensures the safety of the driver. But on the downside, massive vehicles are difficult to control and come with a high price tag. Smaller vehicles are easily manageable with a much affordable price range but when it comes to the crash survivability, they are not that reliable.

In that case, you can go for a mid-size SUV or another compact vehicle giving you both safety as well as financial feasibility.

Part 2 Car buying advice for the first time buyers and drivers

Since it is your first time buying a car for your teenager, you need to be more pragmatic even before entering the showroom. Let's rummage through some ideas that can help you in the entire process of teen car buying:
  1. Establish a budget

You need to determine your budget before paying for the car as this is not a one time expense. You must calculate the expected monthly expenditure that you are going to incur on car maintenance, fuel consumption and vehicle insurance.

  1. Decide how you're paying for the car

Deciding on the mode of payment is the next big issue. If you have enough savings to pay the full amount in cash well and good but if not, then applying for an auto loan or a dealer finance plan are some better options.

  1. Identify what you need and want from a car

Your teen is going to rely on the car whenever on the road. So, give an ample amount of time looking at the various features of a vehicle such as the model, style, safety features and suitability.

  1. Research car price

Car is a long time investment so, just don't rush into buying. Visit multiple dealers or search online services to give you a good awareness about bargaining prices offered by various dealers.

  1. Chose several models to compare

Either a new vehicle or picking out a used one, be sure to compare the numerous models going in-line with these models. This will broaden your circle of preferences.

  1. Research the lifetime ownership cost

Try calculating the lifetime ownership cost for a vehicle. This cost includes the hidden expenses that you are going to endure during the ownership of a vehicle.

  1. Take a test drive

Take the car out on the road. Since this is a gift for your teenage kid, be certain that he/she is comfortable with it. Giving a test drive will bring out flaws within a car.

Part 3 The best car for teens

The list below contains some of the best-teen-cars that are equipped with modern safety features combined with being eco-friendly and economic friendly as well.

The best green cars for teens-Hyundai Ioniq

Hyundai Ioniq with its three green powertrains has an effective fuel consumption capability. The company has infused the following three powertrains within the Hyundai Ioniq model:

  1. The Ioniq hybrid: It has a class-leading 58mpg and 55mpg for SEL and other limited models.
  2. The Ioniq Plug-in hybrid: It operates on electric power covering up a distance of 29 miles with an efficiency rate of 119 MPGe combined.
  3. The Ioniq Electric: This model has a mileage of 124 m at 136MPGe combined.

The hybrid and plug-in hybrid has a 6-speed dual-clutch transmission for quick responses. The car interior has the following advance features:

  1. The Blue Link Connected Car System allows you to stay connected with your smartphone.
  2. Safety features include Blind Spot Collision Avoidance and Lane Keeping Assistance.
  3. The Ioniq car with its powerful 32-kW electric motor having 139 HP will make your long-distance trips much more reliable.

Cost: $22,200 + hybrid

The best sports car for teens-Toyota 86

Well if you want your teen to have fun on the road within your limited budget then, Toyota 86 is just the right sports car for you. With a no.5 rank on the list of "Best Sports Car", it has a four-cylinder boxer engine plus a 205 HP engine. The seats may leave you uncomfortable on bumpy roads but have a sharp traction control giving you a firm grip on the road.

Cost: $ 28,015

The best SUV for teens-Ford Edge

If you are looking for a big, safe and stylish vehicle for your kid then Ford Edge has all that you need. The Edge is the best crossover Ford SUV rated 5/5 for the vast array of safety features accommodated within it. The Ford SUV has the following defensive features:

  1. Adaptive cruise control.
  2. Enables remote start with the Ford smartphone app.
  3. The Post-crash Alert System includes Forward Collision Warning, Lane-keeping System, Blind Spot Information (BLIS), Automatic Emergency Braking.
  4. In the case of collision, the strong body and side-curtain airbags have the potential to keep the driver safe.

Cost: $ 29,955 plus

The best pickup truck for teens-Ford F-150

Ford F-150 is the best selling pickup truck as its engine is able to tow weight from 5000 lbs to 13200 lbs. The truck is made up of thick aluminium body which makes the truck lightweight and reinforce protection at the same time. In terms of the safety aspect, it has the following safety elements:

  1. The BLIS makes you change lane with safety.
  2. The 8' display screen gives you a clear view of the road.
  3. It has an anti-lock braking system and stability control that helps the driver to regain control when needed.
  4. Front, side and overhead airbags protect the driver during a collision.

Cost: $ 28, 745 plus

The best luxury car for teens-Audi A3

If you have enough resources to give your kid a luxury automobile. Then Audi A3 is elegant, least expensive and most stylish looking Audi that would surely give a pleasant surprise to your kid. Audi A3 has some technological combinations of A4 and A6. The 2.0L turbocharged engine runs with 188HP and gives the following safety benefits:

  1. Has a combination of airbags around the car giving maximum protection during a crash.
  2. It has a pre-tensioner seatbelt system that automatically tightens in order to secure the driver.
  3. It has an advance security system along with automatic anti-braking and stability cruise control.
  4. Anti-whiplash protects the driver's head to avoid head injury.

Cost: $ 33,300

Last but not least...

  1. Learn about car care

Car protection and car maintenance is something you should teach your teen in order to create a sense of responsibility.

  1. Car washing

Wash your car on a daily or weekly basis to keep your mirrors and car surface clean and shiny.

  1. Exterior and interior protecting

Try protecting the exterior and interior of your vehicle. Park it under a shade, put in oil and fluid and give a trip to the mechanic if necessary.

  1. Under the hood checking

Make sure that all parts are in working condition. Teach your kid how to check fluid levels, the performance of the battery and the functionality of the engine, brakes and steering.

  1. Must keep safe driving on the road

Along with everything else, educate your teen about the basic safety rules of the road and make him follow the defensive driving techniques.

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