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Car Buying: Best Pickup Truck for You

Mar 31, 2021, 11:48 am / Lara

Irrespective of several sports cars and sedans launching in the market, one vehicle that never gets out of vogue, especially as far as functionality is concerned is a pickup truck. The fact that it can run on many terrains and carry heavy loads is what works in its favor. However, nowadays the utility has extended to running errands and going on a hiking and camping trip as well.

If you are looking for a pickup truck, there are so many good options that are available in the market right now that you will be spoiled for choice. Having a list of the best pickup trucks will give you a good perspective on how to go for the best one and this article intends to help you with it by being a good car buying guide.

Jeep Gladiator

The company Jeep has made a huge name for itself in the automobile market and it is befitting that the list is kicked off with the Jeep Gladiator. The wheelbase of the car is long enough to accommodate a 5 feet bed at the back and the four-wheel-drive makes it eligible for a stable drive.

The all-terrain tires are another feature that is congruent with its off-roading status. The V6 engine is mainly responsible for generating a lot of power which also adds to its impressive features.

Ford F-150

Even though pickup trucks look to be on the heavier side, one of the major features of the Ford F-150 is how lightweight it is. This is mainly due to the panels of the body made of aluminum. The fact that it can still take a payload on the higher side of 3000 pounds shows how versatile it is as a package.

The V6 engine is fuel efficient as well and performs excellently even on extensive usage. Thus, the Ford F-150 has something for everyone, making it an amazing pickup truck.

Toyota Tundra

A V8 engine is one that is mainly associated with a sports car. However, the Toyota Tundra is one of the exceptions in this aspect. The engine is powerful enough to take you to an off-road worksite as well as a weekend trip.

The capacity of 4.6L is simply phenomenal for a pickup truck and lets you tow up to 1730 pounds as well. This 310 horsepower mean machine does not compromise on looks as well as it packs in 20-inch wheels and leather seats that add to its class.

Chevrolet Colorado

Even though this truck falls in the midsize category as far as pickup trucks are concerned, it is in no way inferior to the other competitors in this section. In fact, it is the best one to own if you are an adventure junkie. The engine is of 308 horsepower and sports a V6 of 3.6L making it a beast of its own.

It does not matter if your trip is going to be an on-road or an off-road one, the kind of stability and calmness it gives is unparalleled. This is mainly due to the superior quality suspension that this truck sports. Go for the latest model for the best benefits.

Ford Ranger

It is one pickup truck that has really burst into the scene after almost 10 years and has already turned many heads. The four cylinders of 2.3L are one of the biggest reasons for its amazing power with the horsepower clocking to 270. The ability to tow almost 7500 pounds is also a novelty in itself.

The new model also has the provision of additional features like warning against collisions and emergency braking which adds to its advantages. It is suited for both driving on-road or going off it and the strong frame provides a lot of solidity to the whole design. The aluminum wheels are mainly responsible for adding to its esthetic looks making it a complete package.

Nissan Navara

This pickup truck can handle both countryside roads and off-road duties equally well making it one of the best choices in this segment. It uses a certain type of coil springs for providing suspension at the rear which is something unique and provides for a comfortable ride.

It is extremely spacious on the inside as well making it a comfortable ride for more than one. Even though it has the option of a two-wheel as well as four-wheel drive, it is the latter that is preferred.

The aforementioned list covers the best pickup trucks that are available in the market in recent times. Since many people are preferring this vehicle as a mode of work as well as leisure, you can easily choose according to your preferences now.

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