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Outdoor Car Covers VS Indoor Ones

Mar 6, 2019, 4:45 pm / Brian Lageose

If you are looking for an item that will protect your car from bad external influences, there are two main choices - indoor and outdoor car covers. The following content will help you make a right decision and find out which one work best for you.

Indoor Car Covers

Most people think their cars are totally protected while parked in a garage. That's not true! All vehicles are vulnerable to various hazards, and that's why you need to protect them with an appropriate car cover for indoor storage. If you park your car in a garage or shed for a longer period of time, that storage facility it will most likely collect plenty of dust on your car. Besides the dust, there are also other hazards in the garages. For example, when getting out and into another vehicle, your car's paintwork could be scratched. There are also harmful pollution, kids, pets, garden tools, as well as the minor rubs and bumps. All of these do happen in most of the garages. That's why you need to consider using an indoor car cover.

There's a diverse range of indoor car covers on the market, from the simple sheets to the completely tailored covers that are specially shaped for your car. These covers use different materials and a wide variety of fitting options. Although most of these work well in a garage, they are often not suitable for outdoors. In general, indoor car covers are not resistant to bad weather conditions, such as rain, strong wind, and direct solar radiation.

Outdoor Car Covers

Characteristics of the Outdoor Car Umbrella

The outdoor car umbrella has been designed to serve both the advanced technology and personal satisfaction. The following characteristics make the Lanmodo car umbrella a superior outdoor car cover.

  1. Portability: The umbrella is portable and easy to carry since it only covers a space of 87cm and weighs 6kg respectively. It can be folded and put inside its bag.
  2. One Click Setup: It can be set up very easily by just one click on the remote and the installation process takes about 30secs. Once set up and opened, it covers an area of about 2100mm x 3500mm.
  3. Temperature Difference: When the umbrella is installed on your car it gives a temperature difference of up to 36 degrees such that when the temperatures are high, it is able to lower the temperature levels inside the car.
  4. Sunscreen Schematic: Between the umbrella and the car there is some space. This space guarantees airflow between the car and the umbrella. That means that even if the tent surface temperature increases in the umbrella the heat is not transmitted to the car. Hence the umbrella guarantees your car total protection from heat!
  5. Personal selection: There is a wide range of colors that you can choose from depending on your favorite color.

Advantages of the Outdoor Car Umbrella

The Lanmodo outdoor car umbrella has the following advantages:

  1. Protects your car from bird droppings and acid rain.
  2. Allows you to go for business trips as long as you want without being worried because your car is protected from heat and other physical damages.
  3. Allows you to wait for someone long enough without having to walk out of the car because of discomfort from high temperatures and excessive heat.
  4. Gives you ample time to work without worrying to move your car under a shade.
  5. Allows you to enjoy every bit of your outdoor activities.

As you can conclude from the everything mentioned above, there is no better option than the outdoor car umbrella when it comes to the car covers. This advanced item is versatile, easy to use, very durable, and reliable. That's why many people prefer using it over an indoor car cover.

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