Lanmodo Pro 4-Season Automatic Car Tent

Lanmodo Pro 4-Season Automatic Car Tent

Type : Automatic
Unit : Auto Car Tent All-in-One Unit
Size : 4.80M * 2.35M
Price : $279 $499
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Full Functions of Lanmodo Pro Car Tent

What People Say about Lanmodo

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"The Lanmodo Pro is the world's first 4-season car tent for vehicle protection." -- Good Good

"I like that this not only protects your car, but can also do the same for people." -- Gadgety News

4-Seasons Protection for Any Cars

Lanmodo Pro is a 4 seasons tent for car and people. It not only can provide protection for your car in the whole year, but enrich your outdoor life.

Key Features of Lanmodo Pro

One Click To Set Up Lanmodo Pro

Only in 30s, you can step Lanmodo Pro on your car roof to protect your car from all elements.

Big Enough to Fully Cover Various Vehicles

With coverage be 4.8M * 2.3M, Lanmodo Pro can fully cover the main body of most cars, sedans, SUV, trucks, Pickup, 4 wheel motorcycles and more. Got 1 Lanmodo Pro, covered all your vehicles.

Extreme Fold-able Car Parking Shade

Lanmodo Pro can protect your car from hot heat and keep your car temperature lower up to 97°F / 36°C.

Military fiberglass Prevent From All Damage

Sturdy architectures and fiberglass materials keep your cars safe from daily damages. No worry about snow, hail and falling objects.

Shaking System to Off Snow From Your Car

By using Lanmodo Pro with a snow shaking system, you will no need to remove snow off your car manually in cold winter.

Full Protection & Easy to Clean

Lanmodo Pro car tent canopy made of 3-layer PU silver coated Oxford cloths to be ultimate waterproof and durable. It keeps your car away from acid rain, bird droppings, dust or leaves.

Three Windproof Designs To Withstand 30mph Winds

1. Strength suction cup secure Lanmodo Pro on car top roof.

2. Four windproof straps fixed on front mirrors and door handles to stable car tent.

3. The 2-layer canopy makes winds flow through car tent to secure it.

Double Anti-theft Designs Keeps Everything Safe

1. An anti-theft belt attached from suction base to from doors to keep Lanmodo Pro in safe. With steel wires inside, the belt can not be cut easily.

2. A remote control is used to open or close Lanmodo Pro car tent, if without it, the one can't use it.

More Functions to Rich People's Life

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