• Lanmodo Pro Four-Season Automatic Car Tent
  • Lanmodo Pro Four-Season Automatic Car Tent
  • Lanmodo Pro Four-Season Automatic Car Tent

Lanmodo Pro Four-Season Automatic Car Tent

Unit: Auto Car Tent Car Tent with Stand All-in-One Unit
Size: 3.5M * 2.1M 4.8M * 2.3M
Color: Navy Black Silver
Price: $369.00 $499.00 ( Worldwide Free Shipping )
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Full Functions of Lanmodo Pro Car Tent

Lanmodo Pro Four-Season Automatic Car Tent Unit
Large Enough, Suitable for Most Vehicles
  • Only in 30s, You Can Install Lanmodo Pro on Your Car Roof
  • Prevent Snow from Directly Landing on Your Car Top
  • Protect Your Car from Heat, Decrease Car Temperature up to 97°F / 36°C
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Four-season Tent for Car and People
  • Enrich your spring outdoor activities.
  • Protect your family from harmful high temperature inside car.
  • Keep your car clean from fallen leaves and bird droppings.
  • Shield your car from winter elements, like snow, hail...
Three Windproof Designs Offer Better Protection
  • 8 adjustable windproof straps to secure the car tent.
  • Strong suction cup sticks closely to car roof without causing dent.
  • Two-layer canopy makes winds flow through car tent to fix it.
Triple Anti-theft Designs to Guarantee Safety
  • An anti-theft belt with steel wires buried inside, difficult to cut off.
  • Without remote control, the car tent can not be closed and taken away.
  • Personalize your own car canopy, so you can recognize your car tent at first glance.
Easy to be Used as Outdoor Umbrella
  • USB port to charge your mobile devices and plug in LED lights.
  • With a stand, go fishing during day and night is possible.
  • Enjoy the beautiful sea under the protection of a beach umbrella.
Go Camping with Your Family and Friends
  • With a stand and side canopies, easy to set up.
  • The Lanmodo camping tent is spacious enough for 7 people.
  • Watching movie under the stars with Lanmodo canopy as a screen.
Plenty of Outdoor Activities With Lanmodo Pro All-in-one Car Tent
Multiple Colors, Unique Designs
  • Customize your own car cover, Lanmodo will achieve it.
  • Colors, patterns, logos, business information can be printed.
  • ...and more
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  • Don't drive when using Lanmodo car umbrella!
  • Please tighten the windproof straps after installing the car umbrella on roof!
  • No using when there is heavy hail accompanied by heavy rain or wind!
  • Tight up the wind-resistant ropes in case of being blown away. Please note that our car umbrella
    only can withstand strong wind with speed of 25mph (40km/h).
  • Lanmodo car tent should be placed on smooth and hard metal and glass car roof. If you are not sure whether your car is suitable, please contact us at
  • If car umbrella is runing out of battery, please use standard car charger or wall
    charger to charge it until flash red light turns to green!
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