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What Safety Features to Consider When Buying a Car?

Jun 22, 2020, 11:45 am / Abigail Williams

When it comes to buying a car, everyone has their own set of requirements for their dream vehicle. From leg room to plush seats and sound system to fancy interior, the picture of a perfect car is different for everyone.

However, the price of the car, fuel efficiency, and car safety feature holds the most important place when you go out looking for a new car. Modern-day cars come with an array of safety features. Although they are quite useful, sometimes they can be too much. And hence, it is best to get the ones that are really useful if you are tight on the budget.

The must-have features:

  1. Blind-spot warning

This is one of the most important safety features in any car. A blind-spot warning feature makes use of sensors to detect any vehicle that may be in your blind spot. If any vehicle is approaching from the blind spot, the system will send you a warning either on the front mirrors or outboard mirrors. This feature is especially useful as it helps to avoid collisions and keeps you safe.

  1. Three-point seat belt

Seat belts are the most basic safety feature in any vehicle. Three-point seat belts are those that go over your shoulder and lap. Such types of belts are better at providing you protection as compared to the traditional 2 point belts. It is known to secure people better in case of a collision.

  1. Automatic emergency braking

Another essential car safety feature is automatic emergency braking. This system works with the help of sensors fixed in front of the car. These sensors can detect the distance with the vehicle ahead. They alert you when the distance is unsafe or the vehicle in the front has suddenly stopped.

In case you fail to respond to the warning, the automatic emergency braking will slow down the car or even bring it to halt to avoid a mishap.

  1. All-view backup mirror

Knowing what’s going around you on the road is crucial. While your car’s mirror may not give you a full view, an all-view backup mirror is something that can help you. Such a mirror displays a panoramic view from the back of the car so that you are well aware of the surroundings.

The nice-to-have features:

  1. Adaptive airbag

Adaptive airbags are a safety feature that many newer vehicles have. When you are buying a car make sure that this safety feature is present in the vehicle. An adaptive airbag is known to gradually adapt to the pressure as the bag inflates. In case of an accident, the adaptive airbag system plays an important role. It reduces the effect of impact and thus saving lives.

  1. Automatic high beam

Driving in the night can be a difficult thing. This is when the automatic high beam comes to your rescue. When there is no traffic coming, the automatic high beam system turns on the high beam headlight. The light is automatically switched off when traffic starts approaching to prevent blinding. This system helps drove safe at night by using the high beam appropriately.

  1. Portable night vision system

Built-in night vision systems can burn a hole in your pocket. Hence, Lanmodo has come up with a portable night vision system that is an aftermarket add-on. This wonderful night vision system keeps you safe under all conditions.

The Lanmodo Vast night vision camera helps to see you clearly in the dark. It works by using the active infrared technology which gives a clear picture of the road ahead. The images are displayed at 1080P high resolution in full color. Thus, viewing the road is much easier. The device boasts of an 8.2” IPS screen that makes viewing comfortable. One of the best features of this device is that it lets you see up to 300 m ahead which is even beyond your car’s headlights. Thus, you can view the objects on the road in advance and take timely action.

The above mentioned features are, by and large, some of the most important ones as far as safety is concerned. The latest vehicles offer a plethora of features, all of which may not be essential. If you are looking for buying car guide, then this list is what you need. If a car has these features then you can rest assured about your safety and security on the road. However, taking all the necessary precautions, and driving safely is as important.

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