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Lanmodo is the first all-in-one car tent in the world that combines car protection, outdoor shield and even entertainment. We identified an unique opportunity to create a new multi-functional car tent that allowed us to upgrade traditional functions with contemporary needs. Since then, we have put our passion for perfection in creating and testing, so car owners can avoid experiencing high temperatures in hot weather but also can enjoy pleasurable outdoor holiday with Lanmodo that can transform into beach umbrella, fishing umbrella, outdoor theater camping tent with LED lights and more...

Lanmodo has generated hundreds media reports and over million social attentions, shares when this world's 1st all-in-one automatic car tent launched in April 2017, such as Huffingtonpost, Business Insider, Digital Trends, Yahoo News, Buzzfeed, Sia Magazin, etc. Moreover, it remains have lots of new reports and news related to Lanmodo from various media sites and social influencers in worldwide. This great influence has proved Lanmodo is the right product that people are waiting for and looking for. Lanmdo can bring people new pleasure experience for car lovers with its outstanding designs, practicality and extensive functions.

We believe in technology changes life and development comes from innovation, thus our aim is to further strengthen R&D at more extensive functions and various designs to allow people enjoy a convenient and comfortable lives.

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