• Lanmodo 24V to 12V Voltage Converter

Lanmodo 24V to 12V Voltage Converter

Size: 10.8CM*4.5CM
Color: Black
Price: $59 $79 ( Worldwide Free shipping )
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Key Features of Voltage Converter

1. Three cigarette lighter inputs, portable and practical.
2. Two USB ports, stable current, so as to charge your mobile devices conveniently.

Installation Process:

1. Connect the voltage converter to the original cigarette lighter.
2. Then link it to Lanmodo night vision system with the input cable.
Lanmodo 24V to 12V Voltage Converter

Please note:

1. The 24V to 12V voltage converter cannot be purchased independently because it is an additioanl accessory to the Lanmodo 1080P night vision system.
2. The voltage converter is specially made for cars of 24V.

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