• Lanmodo 24V to 12V Voltage Converter

Lanmodo 24V to 12V Voltage Converter

Size: 10.8CM*4.5CM
Color: Black
Price: $59 $79 ( Worldwide Free Shipping )
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Key Features of Voltage Converter
  • Three cigarette lighter inputs, portable and practical.
  • Two USB ports, stable current, so as to charge your mobile devices conveniently.
Installation Process
  • Connect the voltage converter to the original cigarette lighter.
  • Then link it to Lanmodo night vision system with the input cable.
Please note
  • The 24V to 12V voltage converter cannot be purchased independently because it is an additional accessory to the Lanmodo 1080P night vision system.
  • The voltage converter is specially made for cars of 24V.
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