• Lanmodo Pro Four-Season Semi-auto Car Tent
  • Lanmodo Pro Four-Season Semi-auto Car Tent
  • Lanmodo Pro Four-Season Semi-auto Car Tent

Lanmodo Pro Four-Season Semi-auto Car Tent

Unit: Semi-auto Car Tent Semi-auto Car Tent With Stand
Size: 3.5M * 2.1M 4.8M * 2.3M
Color: Navy Black Silver
Price: $439 ( Worldwide Free shipping )
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How to Use Lanmodo Pro Semi-Automatic Car Tent

Difference Between Automatic and Semi-Automatic of Lanmodo Pro

The car protection function of automatic and semi-automatic are same, both of them can provide full protection for car from Spring to Winter. Both of them are very easy to be set up. Here are few differences between automatic and semi-automatic:

Automatic Car Tent Semi-Automatic Car Tent
Operation MethodControlled by remote control Operated manually by a gentle outward on car tent arm
Remote ControlMatched with one remote controlWithout
BatteryLast over 5 yearsNo battery
Charging Time3 hours by wall charger
5 hours by car charger
No need charge it
Multi-functionCar Protection, Beach Umbrella, Camping TentCar Protection, Beach Umbrella

Bigger size coverage with upgraded designers make Lanmodo Pro strong enough to provide full protection in all seasons.

Lanmodo Pro is a 4 seasons tent for car and people. It not only can provide protection for your car in the whole year, but enrich your outdoor life.

Large Coverage Protects Any Vehicles

At 15’7, Lanmodo Pro is big enough to fully cover most of cars , such as sedans, trucks, SUVs, Pickup or 4 wheel motorcycles.

Car Sunshade for Various Vehicle

Lanmodo Pro is a portable car garage which can provide extreme sunshade for your car in summer whenever and wherever you have parked your car. It is a movable parking car shade to lower the car temperature over 97°F / 36°C.

Daily Protection from All Elements

Military fiberglass architectures with durable 210D Oxford cloth strength Lanmodo Pro to prevent falling objects, snow, hail and any other daily damage. Real test with bricks prove Lanmodo’s quality.

Prevent Car from Dirty & Easy to Keep Clean

Large car tent canopy to protect your car from dirty by fully cover the car roof, meanwhile, you don’t need to worry about the car tent canopy which is made of 210D Oxford cloth. It is extreme easy to wash. A video to show you how to clean the car tent.

Windproof Levels Up to 30mph

There are 3 windproof designs to make Lanmodo car tent be strong to withstand winds up to 30mph.
1. Strong suction base makes car tent be firmly fixed on car roof.

2. Four adjustable windproof straps strength car tent together with your car.

3. By making winds flowing through car tent, the two-layer car tent canopy can make sure Lanmodo Pro will not be blew away by strong winds.

Anti-Theft Designs, No Worry!

To protect your Lanmodo car tent from stealing, it comes with an anti-theft belt with steel wires inside to connect car tent together with car.

Easy To Be Used as Outdoor Umbrella

With a adjustable stand, Lanmodo Pro Semi-auto car tent can be used as beach umbrella, yard umbrella, fishing umbrella or party tent.


  • Don't drive when using car umbrella!
  • Please hoop up the anti-wind hook after install the car umbrella!
  • No using when heavy rain or heavy wind!
  • Tight up the wind-resistant ropes in case of being blown away. Please note that our car umbrella
    only can withstand strong wind with speed of 13m/s(61km/h).
  • For auto car umbrella, on the conditions that remote controller is missing, please press the reset
    switch which is located at the above of charging port in the suction!
  • If car umbrella is runing out of battery, please use standard car charger or wall
    charger to charge it until flash red light turns to green!
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