• Lanmodo D1 Car Camera Hardwire Kit

Lanmodo D1 Car Camera Hardwire Kit

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  • 24-hour Surveillance:The dash cam hardwire kit connected to car battery or fuse box power, can uninterruptedly supply power for dash camera for 24 hours. Keeps it powered even after the engine is off, protects your car all-day.
  • Low Voltage Protection:When the voltage is low to 11.8V(12V input) or 23.6V(24V input), the hardwire kit can automatically cut off the power supply to ensure that the car can start normally.
  • Security Connected Protection:The special circuit components box of this hardwire kit also provides short circuit protection, over-current protection, over-temperature protection, and reverse protection functions.
Installation Procedure
  • 1. Open the fuse box; Use a power detector to detect the constant power and ACC power (emergency power). Connect the yellow fuse to the constant power source, the red fuse to the ACC power source, and the ground terminal (black wire) to the metal part of the body.
  • 2.How to determine the BATT+ and ACC.
    BATT+ (yellow wire)
    Use a voltage tester to check the fuse, the constant power supply still has electricity, and the tester bulb lights on even if the car engine is off.
    ACC (red wire)
    Connect the red cable supply power only when the car engine starts. Testing method: The tester bulb will light when the engine is on and won't light when the engine is off.
  • 3. Connect the black cable to the screw or metal part near the fuse boxes. Plug the power cable onto your dash cam. Starts the ignition and tests if it works properly for a few minutes.
  • 4. Then hide the wire along the edge into the gap and fix the wire harness.
Note: The installation process can be quite complicated for people who may not have experience with electrical installations. Therefore, we recommend that customers seek the assistance of a professional electrician or someone with experience in electrical installations.
Tech Specs of D1 Dash Cam Hardwire Kit
Input voltage DC 12-24V
Output DC 5V/3A max supports 1-3A
Low voltage protection 12V(11.8V); 24 V(23.6 V)
Conversion efficiency Maximum value: 96%
Static power consumption About 5-10mA
Operating temperature Industrial -20°C~+60°C
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