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Things to Do for Car Buying

Sep 25, 2020, 2:09 pm / Richard

Have you decided to buy a new car? But before setting your foot in the showroom to acquire a vehicle of your choice there are certain things that you must give an absolute thought. Empower yourself with every piece of information regarding the buying process of a car. As an uninformed customer can prove to be a good catch for any deceitful salesman.

Our car buying guide will surely make your car buying experience profitable. Walk through the guide and gain basic knowledge regarding the buying process of a car.


Whether it's a new or a second-hand vehicle you must know for sure that you are satisfied with the mechanical aspects of the car that you are going to purchase.

  1. Look carefully at the interior and exterior of the car

If you're opting for a used car then ensure that the exterior and interior parts are up to the mark. Look for scratches, dents or any sign of rust. Inspects the doors, trunk and hoods to make sure that they are in a good state. Pay equal attention to the wheels for any sign of wear and tear.

The interior of the car should be assessed with a keen eye. Open the hood, survey the engine, cross-examine the upholstery of the car including steering wheels, pedals and brakes. Satisfy yourself with everything a car has to offer.

  1. Go for a test drive

Before finalizing your decision about the car, give it a test drive. Even if it's a new car hold the steering wheel and race out on the road to check the comfort level. A test drive will give you an idea about the smoothness and functionality of the car.

If it's a pre-owned vehicle we are talking about then a test drive becomes mandatory as it will allow you to detect any faults related to the engine.

  1. Perform a leak test

You don't want to buy a car with hundreds of hidden problems? In that case, lookout for even a slight sign of leakage. A car with multiple leaking problems will cause you extensive repairs. While on a test drive check for oil and fluid leakages around the vehicle.

  1. Have a mechanic inspect the vehicle

If you are not satisfied with your inspection regarding the car, take services of someone expert in this field. Bring a mechanic to have an in-depth inspection of the vehicle. A mechanic will be able to determine anything disturbing with the car. Plus, if the dealer hesitates towards accepting your request then this is an alarm.

  1. Read reviews on the maker and the model

Before you rush towards buying the car read reviews on the maker and the model of that particular vehicle. For a new car, the reviews will give you the driving experience of other drivers thus enabling you to reach a final decision.

  1. Figure out a fair purchase price

Try to figure out a fair purchase price of the car. For new cars compare the market value of that model among several dealers. Even for second cars take help from cost comparison website. This will help you work out a final purchase price for the car model that you desire.

  1. Review the vehicle history report

For any pre-owned vehicle try to retrieve the vehicle history report by searching the internet with the VIN (vehicle identification number) of the car. The report will brief you about the service maintenance, ownership history and previous mishaps related to the car. Since many sellers meddle with the odometer reading to make a profit, the history report will verify vehicle mileage for you.

  1. Consider looking at the certified pre-owned vehicle

Buying a used vehicle has a risk factor involved. To eliminate all the doubt it is better to go for a certified pre-owned vehicle (CPO). A CPO vehicle has undergone extensive inspection with complete restoration and comes with a dealership warranty. A CPO car has a new-like condition along with excellent performance level.


Buying a car is a long time investment. Once you get the keys for your new car there are several things you can do to make your investment last longer.

Do car maintenance

If you want to keep your car up and running without causing troubles then pay attention to the following car maintenance tips:

  1. Regularly wash the car

Wash your car on a regular basis. A dirty car will definitely lose its colour over time. So, give your car a complete wash. Clean all the glass surfaces and headlights.

  1. Under the hood maintenance

Under the hood compels you to check the functionality of AC compressor, fluid and oil levels, power pump, brakes and any sign of inflated tires.

  1. Shed it from the hot sun

For your car protection keep it away from the heated sun. Park it in a shady place either in a garage or place shades over the parking spot.

Invest in some car gadgets

Equipping your car with certain modern and unique gadgets will enhance the privileges of your car. Invest in the below-mentioned devices:

  1. Car night vision device

A car night vision device is a fruitful addition for any ordinary car. These devices such as the Lanmodo Night Vision System will boost your night perception making night driving safer.

  1. Handy jump starter

Portable and inexpensive jump starters can be a life saviour for you in case your car battery betrays you. All of a sudden if your car came to a halt, jump starters will help you to jump-start your car.

  1. Dash cam

Fix a dash cam on your dashboard that will record videos for you. Having a video recording of the drive will help you claim insurance or get out of a ticket.

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