• Lanmodo Portable Semi-auto Car Tent
  • Lanmodo Portable Semi-auto Car Tent
  • Lanmodo Portable Semi-auto Car Tent

Lanmodo Portable Semi-auto Car Tent

Unit: Semi-auto Car Tent Semi-auto Car Tent With Stand
Size: 3.5M * 2.1M 4.8M * 2.3M
Color: Navy Black Silver
Price: $239 $339 ( Worldwide Free shipping )
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Lanmodo manual car umbrella

Lanmodo semi-auto car tent

Easy to Use

manual car umbrella
Lanmodo semi-auto car tent is quite simple to use. Just a gentle outward pull of the tent arm, the car tent canopy will be deployed in 4 seconds. You only need 30 seconds to finish the whole installation process. With foldable programming, Lanmodo car tent can be put in your car trunk easily, then it can be used in everywhere and anytime when you need a car parking shade.

Automatic Car Tent Semi-Automatic Car Tent
Operation MethodControlled by remote control Operated manually by a gentle outward on car tent arm
Remote ControlMatched with one remote controlWithout
BatteryLast over 5 yearsNo battery
Charging Time3 hours by wall charger
5 hours by car charger
No need charge it
Multi-functionCar Protection, Beach Umbrella, Camping TentCar Protection, Beach Umbrella

High Quality Structure to Prevent Hail & Falling Objects

Test video from customer's feedback. Lanmodo car tent is a great car parking sheild to protect your car from falling objects and hail.

Cool Down Car Temperature

Lanmodo car parking shade
In hot summer, sunray and hot heat are really harmful for your car paint, interior accessories and even human's body & health. Lanmodo car tent leave enough space between car roof and tent canopy for air circulation to cool down the tempreature. It is a good portable car parking shade to protect your car from directly sun and low down your car interiors temperature up to 36°C.

Security! No Need to Worry about Theft!

Lanmodo car tent

There is a wire security belt fixed by car door, it is not easy to cut. Moreover, you can custom your private car tent canopy with business brand, phone number or patterns to be particular.

Withstand Heavy Wind

windproof car tent

windproof car umbrella

Lanmodo car umbrella
There are 4 windproof straps fixed on cars to make Lanmodo car tent steady to withstand heavy wind up to 30mph.

Strong Suction Cup

car top tent

Lanmodo car umbrella
Lanmodo car tent suction can be fixed on metal and glass surface, thus you can put it on car top metal roof or car sunroof glass. Please keep the surface smooth & clear. The suction is powerful to make the car tent work well on your car.

Fiberglass Framework

good quality car umbrella
The material of Lanmodo structure is military fiberglass, so Lanmodo is powerful to protect your car from all elements in different seasons.

Works Well on Different Cars

portable car canopy
The cover size of Lanmodo car tent is 3.5*2.1M which is made to suit for different car shapes. No matter your car is Mini, Sedan, SUV or Pickup, Lanmodo car umbrella can provide well protection for all.

Super Easy to Wash

Made of 210D Oxford, Lanmodo car tent canopy is superb waterpoof and easy to clean.

Transfer into Beach Umbrella with Extra Stand

Lanmodo outdoor umbrella
By fixing Lanmodo car tent together with extra stand accessory, you can get an outdoor beach umbrella in 3 minutes.

Accept Customized Design

customized Lanmodo car umbrella
Personal business brand, slogan, design or even country flag, any customized needs are warmly welcome!


  • Don't drive when using car umbrella!
  • Please hoop up the anti-wind hook after install the car umbrella!
  • No using when heavy rain or heavy wind!
  • Tight up the wind-resistant ropes in case of being blown away. Please note that our car umbrella
    only can withstand strong wind with speed of 13m/s(61km/h).
  • For auto car umbrella, on the conditions that remote controller is missing, please press the reset
    switch which is located at the above of charging port in the suction!
  • If car umbrella is runing out of battery, please use standard car charger or wall
    charger to charge it until flash red light turns to green!
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