• Lanmodo Portable Semi-auto Car Tent
  • Lanmodo Portable Semi-auto Car Tent
  • Lanmodo Portable Semi-auto Car Tent

Lanmodo Portable Semi-auto Car Tent

Semi-auto Car Tent
Semi-auto Car Tent With Stand
Size: 3.5M * 2.1M 4.8M * 2.3M
Color: Navy Black Silver
Price: $299.00 $339.00 ( Worldwide Free Shipping )
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Lanmodo Portable Semi-auto Car Tent Unit
Easily Fold and Unfold Lanmodo Semi-Automatic Car Tent
Differences Between Lanmodo and Lanmodo Pro Car Tent
LanmodoLanmodo Pro
Size3.5M * 2.1M4.8M*2.3M
Applicable car modelMost carsMost cars
Car ProtectionCar sunshade for any car
Four-season protection for small cars
Four-season car protection for any car
Car tent canopyOne-layer CanopyTwo-layer Canopy for windproof
WindproofDouble windproof designsTriple windproof designs
Multi-functionCar Protection, Outdoor Umbrella, Camping TentCar Protection, Outdoor Umbrella, Camping Tent
Lanmodo Car Tent Fits Most Cars
  • Strong Build to Protect Against Hail and Falling Objects
  • Waterproof & Easy to Clean
  • Lower Car Temperature up to 36 Degrees in Hot Weather
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Clever Windproof Designs
  • Strong suction cup for stability.
  • 4 windproof straps secured on cars.
  • Withstand heavy wind up to 30mph.
No Need to Worry about Theft!
  • A security belt fixed by car door, it is not easy to cut off because of steel wires buried inside.
  • Customize car tent canopy with your own patterns or logos.
Transform into an outdoor umbrella
  • By fixing Lanmodo car tent together to an additional stand, you can get an outdoor umbrella in 3 minutes
  • Enjoy fishing, the beach and other outdoor activities.
Enjoy Outdoor Life With Lanmodo
Customized Design
  • Business brand, slogan, different colors or even country flag. All customizations are welcomed!
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  • Don't drive when using Lanmodo car umbrella!
  • Please tighten the windproof straps after installing the car umbrella on roof!
  • No using when there is heavy hail accompanied by heavy rain or wind!
  • Tight up the wind-resistant ropes in case of being blown away. Please note that our car umbrella
    only can withstand strong wind with speed of 25mph (40km/h).
  • Lanmodo car tent should be placed on smooth and hard metal and glass car roof. If you are not sure whether your car is suitable, please contact us at
  • If car umbrella is runing out of battery, please use standard car charger or wall
    charger to charge it until flash red light turns to green!
  • All dimensions are measured manually with deviation (ranged)at 1-3mm. If by any chance they are not, we are sorry for that.
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