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7 Practical Car Gadgets for Senior Drivers in 2020

Apr 2, 2020, 11:50 am / Abigail Williams

As age increases, a senior driver will face several issues with vision, reaction time, and attention. This can prove to be fatal for themselves and others on the road. However, technology has come to the rescue of the elderly drivers by inventing smart devices that will allow them to continue their lifestyles smoothly. We have compiled the best 7 car gadgets that assist senior drivers.

1. Stander car caddie

Getting in and out of the car can be a big challenge for the elderly. Stander car caddie is one of the most practical car gadgets that can come very handy for senior people. The safety standing aid provides you with the required support and prevent from falling down accidentally.

The non-slip car bar grip fits around the window frames of the commercial vehicles, vans, or trucks easily. It comes with an adjustable nylon strap which can be fixed between 7” and 16” as per the requirement. If you are a senior person this device will help you to independently move in and out of the car.

2. Night vision camera

A night vision camera is a must-have device for you if you are a senior driver. The Lanmodo Vast car night vision camera is one of the best devices out there. It is packed with some wonderful features that make night driving much easier.

It features an 8.2” IPS screen that reflects the actual situation on the road and helps you to take timely decisions. The system shows colored images of the road in 1080P full HD resolution. You can view the road without any lag. The system also features a camera with 36-degree wide-angle vision, which captures a broad image of the road. It is affordable and compatible with 99% of the cars and this is what makes it one of the best night vision systems.

3. Seat cushion

Car seat cushions provide additional support to the elderly while sitting for a long time. It helps to relieve pressure off the lower back and hips, thus keeping them comfortable. As you age, back pain, leg pain, and stiffness in the body set in. Under such conditions, sitting for a long time can be an unpleasant experience. And this is where car seat cushions come to the rescue, providing support to your lower back, hips, and buttocks.

4. Car mount for better navigation

Phones can be the biggest distraction for any driver. This is where a car mount comes to the rescue. You can mount your phone onto it and check your routes easily without distraction. You can fix the stand at the eye level for easy viewing. The car mount gadget doesn’t cost much but is one of the best practical car gadgets. It ensures your safety while also letting you see your phone when required.

5. All-view rearview mirror

An all-view rearview mirror enhances the vision of elderly drivers by overcoming the shortcomings of convex and plane mirrors. This mirror is one step ahead and eliminates the blind spots which the traditional mirrors do not tackle. The all-view mirror gives you a seamless view of the left, right, and center. It is free from distortion and also reduces the glare at night. The mirror is easy to fix and is a wonderful safety gadget.

6. Seat belt extender

With increasing age you may find that mobility becomes a tough task with each passing day. Putting on the seat belt can also become a difficult task due to limited mobility. Hence, a seat belt extender can lend you the desired support. The belt will make it easy for you to reach the seat belt and put it on. All you have to do is make sure that you get the correct sized extender to fit your car’s buckle.

7. Car cane

A car cane is a portable handle that is useful for assisting the senior people to get in and out of the car. If you are a senior driver, this gadget can help you to safely get in and out of the car without anyone’s help. It consists of a non-slip grip that you can hold onto for support. It is also helpful if you are suffering from back pain, knee pain, etc. A car cane is removable and can fit most of the cars easily.

These gadgets are here to make the life of senior people easy. It gives them the required support and allows them to carry on driving without being dependent on anyone.

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