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How to Choose the Right Materials for Your Car Cover?

Mar 12, 2019, 5:49 pm / Evelyn Smith

Having bought a new car is a pleasing achievement. This is a big investment on your part. Now, whether you acquired it brand new or second hand, you need to give it protection from any damage to maintain its good condition. Parking your vehicle in a garage is one of the best ways of protecting your valued possession; but what if you don't have a garage? Buying a car cover would be the next best thing to do. To be able to get the right car cover material, there are a few factors that you need to give thought to:

Where you park your car

Is it inside or outside? The answer to this will help you decide the best car cover material to buy. Indoor and outdoor car covers are used to protect your car from many different dangers and risks, which is why different fabrics and materials are used in it's manufacture.

For outdoor parking, the material should be able to offer protection from the elements such as pollen, bird droppings, UV rays, snow, hail, rain/moisture and other impacts. For indoor parking, the car needs protection from dust, damage to finish, rot and/or mildew, even if the car is not exposed to the element. Don't forget to consider how frequently you use your vehicle. If you drive it every day, the best material for the car cover should be lightweight, yet providing adequate protection for your indoor and outdoor parking needs. For long term storage, a thicker material would be better to prevent dings and other things from damaging it over a long period of time.

What kind of weather you need to protect from

If you live in the Midwest or Northeast where there are four distinct seasons - summer, winter, spring and fall, get a car cover material that is good for all weathers. For places that experience more rains, go with a water resistant material that is also breathable. When you need car protection from snow and hail, the car cover material should be able to withstand heavy snow, hail, hard rain and other heavy objects that could fall onto your automobile. In places that are considered dry areas, there is dust that you need to protect your car from. Dust usually filter through the body of the vehicle and do damage, once they accumulate. It is great to live in a sunny location, however your car needs a car cover that can give protection from the sun's UV rays and keep it cool while parked in direct sunlight.

A Lanmodo car cover can provide your car an all season protection

With a Lanmodo car cover, your car is assured of getting the protection it needs, no matter what the weather. It can make your life convenient especially in winter, but can also be great during summer, spring or fall. It is made up of the best car cover materials, such as military grade fiberglass for support and 210 Oxford cloth for canopy. These components are tough and sturdy, so they can remain undamaged or unaffected by anything that Mother Nature pushes in their direction.

No other car protection material can provide the most acceptable quality than the Lanmodo car cover. It offers excellent water resistance, UV protection and is designed for indoor or outdoor storage too. It is also comfortable and simple to use - opens and closes with just a click of the remote control button. It has been constructed with light, but at the same time with durable materials, so it weighs less than the average covers. The foldable feature makes it portable, which means that you can take the Lanmodo car cover with you, wherever you need to go. Simply put it in its own storage bag, store it in your car trunk, without occupying too much space.

Doubtlessly, Lanmodo car cover's is the best waterproof car canopy material available in the market these days. With it, you don't have just a cover for your car, but also absolute protection from small as well as big danger, which maybe as small as the UV rays of the sun spoiling your car paint.

Get one and free yourself from the worries regarding car protection in any kind of weather and from all external elements. It is a great help for all car owners and drivers, who want to keep the good appearance of their cars and in good running condition.

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