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Top 5 Things You Should Know to Protect Your Car in This Winter

Mar 6, 2019, 4:58 pm / Lara
The effect of harsh winter weather goes beyond affecting human body to affecting properties like Cars and others. So, while planning to protect yourself it will also be good if you take some times to plan for the protection of your car. This post is focused on providing you information on the top 5 things you need to effectively protect your car from snow, ice, frost and other winter related elements.

1, Protect Your Car With Polly Wax

Just as you normally wear gloves during winter to protect yourself, so you need to provide your car with good protection too. To be sure of effective protection on your car, one of the things you need is to apply quality poly wax on your car surface. This is going to provide your car with layers of protection with the help of the poly wax. Also, the poly wax will help to protect your car from snow salt, grime, rain and sleet.

2, Be Careful And Cautious While Brushing

Apart from waxing your car to protect it from harsh effect of the winter, one other thing you need is to be mindful or careful while brushing the windshield. You should not brush the surface of your car with hard plastic brush or scrapper to avoid removing the pain alongside the snow or ice frost.

3, Make Use Of Winter Windshield Wiper Fluid

The wiper fluid you use in your car during the summer, fall or spring may not work during winter. This is because the fluid can freeze easily causing even more problem to you while you drive around during winter. That is why you should go for winter windshield wiper fluid. You need the wiper fluid made specifically for winter driving in order to be sure of protecting your windshield. It is either you use commercial winter wiper fluid for windshield or you go for DIY product.

4, Winter Car Cover for Snow

If you have tried applying wax on your car during winter without getting needed protection, you can try winter car cover. There are so many of them in the market today that you may not even know the right one for you. Some of them built to cover entire car body while some are made to cover specific part of car. Also, most of them are designed to be installed and removed manually. Adding to that, some are built with the size that is so large that they can only be used at home. There are lots of things you need to consider before selecting any car cover for your car during winter weather. One of the options you can consider going for is the Covercraft Auto Snow Shield built.

5, Portable Automatic Lanmodo Car Tent Protect Your Car from Hail & Snow in This Winter

The portable automatic Lanmodo car tent protects your car from hail and snow in the winter. No matter how harsh winter weather is, Lanmodo portable auto tent is able to ensure adequate protection over any kind of car. It is suitable for sedan, minivan, hatchback and other kinds of cars. Being automatic operating car cover, it is built with remote control that enable users install and remove it with a touch on a button. There are many of features of this car tent that made it the best car cover for winter.

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