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Why People Want a Portable Car Tent?

Mar 6, 2019, 4:44 pm / Evelyn Smith
Among other things that made life convenient and better, car is one of the most essential. Though it is not listed among primary needs of man, it is needed in every home to ensure easy mobility and convenient. Due to the people have love for their car, they always look for a way to protect it while in an unusual environment like camping ground. The only issue is that people often find it difficult selecting suitable car tent. That is why this article is dedicated to intimate you about portable car tent?

Part 1: What is People's Opinion about Traditional Car Tent?

The traditional car tent was formally embraced by car owners. For that reason, many car owners have one or two things to say about the tent. While people's opinion about traditional car tent may not be same, there is clear similarity existing in the opinion of all car owners regarding traditional car tent. Majority of campers have these opinions about traditional car tent. The traditional car tent is big which made putting it away difficult for the users. Also, the weight is quite heavy and not really easy to be moved from one location to another. In fact the massive size coupled with weight made moving the traditional tent around really difficult for campers. That is why it is mostly placed in fixed position. In fact, the function of traditional car tent will cease to be relevant when you move your car to another location away from the tent. Traditional car tent is difficult to install and in most case requires more than one person to be installed perfectly. These are among the things that made people prefer portable car tent to the big traditional counterpart.

Part 2: You Can't Miss Lanmodo Portable Car Tent

There are basically lots of reasons why you cannot afford to miss the Lanmodo portable car tent. Unlike the traditional car tent that is built with massive body size with huge weight, the Lanmodo car tent is quite portable and light weight. Other reasons why cannot afford to miss this specially built car tent from Lanmodo are:
  1. It Is Built With Automatic System: This specially built car tent is built with automatic system which made the setup quite easy. Removal of this car tent is a matter of a press on remote unlike the traditional car tent that involve manual job for installation and removal. It is built to automatically install as well as tear down.
  2. Built With High Quality Material: Apart from the automatic system of this car tent, it is also built with high quality material. It is built with strong yet lightweight fiberglass material. Also, it comes with waterproof and anti-heated tent cloth. The cloth is made of 210D oxford nylon material, lightweight Lanmodo car cover, quite durable and portable. That means you will be sure of durability when you buy this car tent.
  3. It is built with easy and automatic folding structure: This car tent is quite portable and easy to carry along. It is also built with simple collapse structure with size suitable when opened. The small volume of this portable car tent when unfold made it easy to store. It is quite convenient to put inside car trunk.
  4. Anti-heated System Design: Your car temperature will be controlled absolutely with the help of Lanmodo portable car tent. This is due to the anti-heated system design it is made of making life more comfortable and better.
  5. Portable Design: The Lanmodo portable car cover is built to follow car wherever it go. That means users will not need to worry about re-installing their car tent when the tent is needed. All you have to do is to press on the remote and the car tent will be automatically built to cover your car completely. Your camping will be more convenient and comfortable when you install Lanmodo car tent on your car. The portable size of the tent made it easy to carry along from one place to another without any form of difficulties. In fact, the portable design of Lanmodo car tent is among the major reasons why all car users truly need it. That is also the reason why you cannot afford to miss it for your camping this season.

Part 3: Tips for Car Outdoor Protection

If you are planning to embark on journey in unusual environment for camping and others, you need to take some precautions to ensure overall protection of your car. There are some tips for car outdoor protection you need to always have at the back of your mind. These are:
  1. Park your car away from outdoor acidic fruits
  2. Keep your car away from under trees
  3. Avoid direct contact with wind leaves and bird droppings on your car
Get Good Portable Sunshade for Your Car
You have to provide your car with good portable sunshade. That will help to decrease inside temperature and avoid heating up interior of your car. Also, you have to provide your car with rain proof and others to ensure absolute protection.

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