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What Useful Car Gadgets Should Add to Your Car?

May 8, 2019, 7:18 pm / Brian Lageose

It is only natural for human beings to want to improve anything that they lay their hands on. Take the example of a house. When you buy a house you don't leave it as is, an empty shell with nothing inside it. You naturally add things to it that will make your living experience pleasant e.g. furniture, curtains, wallpaper etc. to make it look good and fulfilling. Same goes for your cars as well and the truth is, people are much more into adding at least some kind of car gadget to make their cars work better or even look better. There are some gadgets that we believe could really help you a lot, especially in terms of car protection and driving safety.

#1 Safe driving assistant system

When it comes to adding protection and increasing safety of the car, there is a whole world of options that you can choose from. As far as the advancements in technology are concerned, the latest development that we have seen is driving safety assistance. These are smart artificial intelligence based products that prevent issues and accidents from happening and ensure driving safety for you. There are several big companies involved in the creation of such products like Bosch Group, Aisin Seiki Global, NVIDIA Automotive, Hyundai etc. The problem however is that most of these gadgets are upwards of two thousand dollars which is not very affordable for most people. There is however one system for driving safety, the Lanmodo car night vision device which offers the same level of protection in a much lower price bracket. In just $499-$599 you can get yourself the Lanmodo night vision system that ensures driving safety and excellent car protection when driving in driver-unfriendly conditions.

#2 Bluetooth speakerphone

We are all aware of how difficult it is to stay away from our phones while we are driving. However, the dangers of using a cellphone while driving are a very old discussion now. So the best possible solution is having a Bluetooth speakerphone installed in your car. This small but handy car gadget makes sure you are connected to the world without having to compromise your focus on the road.

#3 Booster seats

When it comes to children, the young ones are the most difficult to manage when driving. A very commonly used car gadget for this purpose is a booster seat for children. This device basically sits as a seat on top of your car seat, making the child more comfortable and in your view as well at all times. It is definitely a must if you have young children and you travel with them frequently.

#4 Car seat organizer

This is one of those things that you don't know how much you need until you actually get it. A car seat organizer is truly a unique car gadget that provides you with the ability to manage all your equipment and other stuff efficiently and cleanly. A lot of people find themselves stuck at the wrong moment when they are literally fishing around the car for something important among a heap of other things. A very common application of this particular device is when you are going on a long journey or a road trip. You can stow all your important and frequently used items in this organizer that has sufficient pockets as well, allowing you to categorize all your belongings.

#5 Portable car cover

If there is one thing that needs to be given importance at all times it must be car protection and maintenance and this doesn't mean the protection you need while driving. Your car needs to be protected from a whole range of other factors as well and one of those is the outdoor elements. Having a good car cover is quite essential to ensure protection of the car. There are countless products that you can choose from and take steps as well like parking under shade, avoiding direct sun exposure etc. However, you need a proper cover that you can take with you to ensure all round protection and the Lanmodo portable car cover is the best choice you have. This amazing automatic car gadget ensures that you are able to cover your car completely and protect it in a matter of seconds.

Are there any other gadgets that you think are worth exploring? Do let us know in the comments below!

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