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What to Consider When Buying a Car Cover This Winter?

May 21, 2019, 8:27 am / Evelyn Smith

So you have brought home a brand new car this autumn. Congratulations, first of all! Now you will want to keep it new and shining for years to come. But, unfortunately, that would not be possible if you let your new baby stand bare out there. Don't expose your car to unnecessary heat, dust, or even rain and the snow as well as hail of this coming winter.

Rather, buy a durable cover for your car and protect it from any such thing that would leave it stained or harmed any way. Picking a car cover can be a daunting task. To make it easy for you, we have listed some important things that you must consider before you choose a cover for your car this winter:

1. Choose a snow proof car cover

Though, car covers are available in different fabrics in the market, you must select a cover that is all-purpose. Some covers only help keep the dust away, while some other covers help fight the harmful UV rays or snow and hail. You need a car cover that protects it from snow and cold, and dust and moisture in the winter. Therefore, go for a snow proof car cover that uses Oxford cloth to protect your vehicle from rain or snow is a must.

2. Pick the universal fit

You do everything during the winters—wear pullovers, jackets, gloves and boots—to keep you warm. Then, why not do it for your car too? After all, your car is also affected by that cold and harsh wind. To ensure that your car remains safe at all times, choose a custom cover that fits the car model you own.

A cover that covers the whole vehicle body will keep its paint intact and shine untouched. You should pay for a cover that even protects your vehicle against friction when wind blows, provided the wind speed is less than 13m/s.

3. Ensure you get value for money

Winter car protection is definitely necessary, but that's not it. Your car needs protection in all other seasons too. Therefore, it is best to invest in a car cover that protects your vehicle during all four seasons.

See what material the car cover is made of, this would let the car cover provides best protection to your car all year round. For example, it can have a roof canopy with a silver coating to prevent heat from harming your car. Also, it should be made of military fiberglass material, which makes it sturdy and long-lasting.

4. Get a multi-functional car cover

If it's not just your car protection that you want, but also a convertible product that could serve other purposes, then you should choose a cover that is multi-functional in nature.

While driving, you don't need the cover. Neither do you need it 24X7 covering your car. In this case, a generic car cover can only be stored somewhere. But, if your car cover is someone like Lanmodo car protection cover, it will remain functional even when you don't need it for your car. You can turn it into an umbrella when fishing, or into a beach umbrella for shade.

You can even use it as a camping tent, if needed. The cover comes with a stand as well as side canopies, which make it very easy to set it up wherever you want.

5. Look for a cover that ensures safety

Go for a car cover, which also ensures safety from theft. A good cover like Lanmodo car cover is designed with an anti-theft belt that makes it difficult to be stolen or cut off. The cover comes with a remote control, without which it is not possible to take the cover away.

No matter what kind of cover you select, the motive should be complete protection of your car. There is a wide variety of car covers in various designs and colors in the market. We have spent years in decoding what's best for your car that will continue to function properly in the long run. We believe in regularly improving the covers with advanced features to ensure that these meet the highest durability standards.

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