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The Pros and Cons of LED Light Bars for Cars

Jan 3, 2020, 9:03 am / Brian Lageose

The effects of technological advancement are seen everywhere today, even in the world of lighting. More and more vehicles are coming out with LED headlights and taillights and they are steadily becoming the trend amongst many motorists. This product boasts of a ton of benefits that puts it ahead of the other two types of headlights, the halogen and the HIDs, but as in other things in life, these also have some disadvantages. Let’s take a closer look at it.


  1. The quality of LED lighs is better than other headlights and allow you to see better and see more. While it is not as bright as the HID, it is much, much better than the halogens and you will realize that LEDs can give you better color and visibility than the other two.
  2. Extremely efficient and durable. LED light bars and its products have a lifespan that is 20 times longer than halogen bulbs. It means that they can last 20,000 hours. While it is not generally a game changer in the automotive industry, it is worth noting that LEDS are more durable, which is something to consider.
  3. LED light bars for cars do not consume a lot of energy. They produce very little heat and thus consuming less electricity and putting 260 per cent less drain on your car battery, compared to halogens that produce a lot of heat.


  1. Law restrictions. Before you go out to purchase LED light bars for your car, it is a good thing to know that aftermarket headlights are regulated by states. Definitely, you should take time to check the laws of your state, so that you can avoid problems.
  2. Blind on-coming drivers. The brightness of LED lights can impair the vision of other motorists or make them temporarily blind. This means that road safety can be compromised. There are also reports that LED light bars can make certain things not easy to see, as they are placed outside the beam of light. Examples of these are pedestrian crossing and parking lot with no lighting.
  3. Not useful in bad weather. The LED lights cannot melt snow or ice off the lights, as they do not have heat in them. When the lights are covered with snow, you won’t be able to see anything. Therefore, if you are using LED light bars in your car, you might as well have a backup lighting.

As you can see, despite the benefits being offered by the LED light bars, there is a possibility that you might also encounter some difficulties in using these items. LED lights have greatly improved illumination with their brightness, but they can’t be considered a remedy for difficulties. Many drivers are most likely to be in favor of a product that offers all the pros, but minus the cons; and will be happy to find such a product.

Fortunately there is one innovative product that can improve visibility, even if you don’t buy those LED light bars and we are talking about the Lanmodo night vision system, which is also a product of advanced technology. Poor visibility is the result of insufficient natural light and bad weather conditions such as snow, ice, heavy rain or fog. Therefore, to enhance your vision when driving at night or during a condition that is not so driver-friendly, this product by Lanmodo is the one for you.

The Lanmodo night vision system consists of a good quality camera and IPS 8.2” screen that can display images in 1080P resolution and full color. Therefore, it offers visual effects better than the black and white images provided by the built-in systems in luxury cars. There is an added element of safety in the added long distance view of 300m or about 1,000 feet, so you can catch obstructions on the way in advance and take precautions accordingly. In addition, the 36-degree angle vision provides a broader view of the road, allowing you to see everything - at the front and the sides. To have a great view of the back, you get the aid of a rear camera.

The LED light bars, as well as the built in night vision systems are expensive, but the Lanmodo night vision system is sold at a very affordable price. You can get them for $499 or $599 from Lanmodo website and other authorized stores. So before you decide to purchase a LED light bar for your car, think of the Lanmodo night vision system that offers all the advantages.

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