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What Other Things You Should Buy After Buying a New Vehicle

Jun 26, 2019, 9:07 am / Lara

The feeling of great happiness and exhilaration surely fills you when you are buying a new vehicle that you are expecting for a long time. There is also that sense of accomplishment, because a car is the second most important thing that you could buy in your entire life.

The buying list doesn't end with the vehicle, instead a new car always comes with responsibility. Yes, you should be a responsible owner. There are insurance, accessories and car gadgets that you should buy to improve your driving experience. Here we are listing down several basic yet essential items.

1. An all-weather car shelter

Your car will be exposed to natural hazards at any time of the year. Harsh weather can damage your car finish with acid rain, snow and hail, causing dents and dings on your car exterior. Even rain, which seems harmless, can start the corrosion process, when it finds its way to tiny scratches. Bird bombs, tree leaves and sap can also inflict damage to your precious vehicle. The extreme heat of the sun can make the color of your car fade and also affect the car interiors.

The Lanmodo all-weather car shelter will help protect your vehicle and keep car exteriors in good conditions. It adds a layer of protection from damages brought about by both natural and man-made blows. This product is designed to provide an all-weather protection—spring, summer, fall and winter. When it is too hot, this car shelter can keep your car cool while blocking the harmful UV rays, thus preventing paint degradation.

The canopy is made of high quality 210D Oxford fabric and it has durable fiberglass for support. Another great feature of this car shelter is that it is not easy to steal, with an anti-theft belt that is attached from the suction base to the front door. It is not possible to cut easily because of the steel wires inside the belt.

2. Car insurance

Car insurance is a must. You might think that car insurance is expensive, but being in an accident can cost you more than your insurance premium. Buying a car insurance means that you are buying protection for you and your family and also your vehicle. It can also provide protection to others who might get hurt in unexpected, unfortunate incidents. In addition to protection and welfare of everybody involved, insurance aso covers much for you when you spend a big amount to repair your car.

3. Buy several car accessories

Vehicle pillows include lumbar pillows, neck pillows and other type of pillows that will keep your neck muscles and lower back at ease. These accessories are great for, when you go on long drives, where you cannot avoid experiencing neck and back pains.

Tool kit should be considered as absolutely necessary, especially if your car becomes disabled after an accident. Avoid from being trapped in such desperate situations. A kit that contains some basic tools is your way out of this terrifying thought.

Seat covers will protect your vehicle's original upholstery from wear and tear. This will also add a custom look to the interiors of your car, besides maintaining the vehicle's resale value.

4. GPS Navigation

Many people simply depend on their smartphones for navigation. However, the problem is that when the cellular service is down, they will not be able to use the maps, even when they are trying to locate a place. It is also not safe to be always looking at the smartphone, while you are on the road, driving.

A GPS navigation will be much safer than a smartphone. There will be no text messages popping up on your GPS unit to distract you. Additionally, it has stored maps in its memory, so it will not be affected when network is down or not available. Battery is also not a problem for GPS, unlike with the smartphones. Moreover, even when the satellite GPS goes down, the maps will still be available on the device and you will be able to look at them.

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