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Effective Tips To Keep Your Car Cool This Summer

Jun 20, 2019, 9:05 am / Richard

With the temperatures soaring up every year and surpassing all the past records, summers have become increasingly intolerable. Streets are burning and skins are charring, making you choose to stay indoors as your only respite from the sweltering heat. Well, have you ever thought of the vehicles that stay outdoors all the while and bear the barren heat day after day? It surely does pain you to see cars overheating and car paint fading because of that.

Good that you are here, as this article provides some smart and effective ideas you need to keep your car cool during summer.

1. Install car sunshade

Car sunshades are a must during the summers. Lanmodo brings to your car the most effective protection during the season to keep your car cool and prevent sunrays from heating up the car interiors, which, if heated up, make you feel uncomfortable due to its suffocating air. You can neither drive in such a condition nor sit in the car. The Lanmodo car sunshade can decrease car temperature by about 36 degrees, keep the interiors pleasant as it blocks the heated rays from directly landing on the car.

2. Solar powered ventilation fan is a good idea

The hot summers are simply unbearable so it is necessary to keep your vehicles away from the intolerable heat. During these times, ventilation is the key. The solar powered ventilation fan is a must have in your car. They help to keep the car devoid of the bland heat and draw the hot air out of the car while gushing in some fresh air to keep the insides cooler. It works as an exhaust fan as well. The pet and tobacco odors are also sucked out of the car, leaving you a clean and fresh ambience to enjoy your ride.

3. Invest in a good windshield sunshade

Sometimes car owners overlook some details of preventing the car from getting damaged. Installing a good windshield sunshade is one of them. Invest in a good quality of windshield sunshade as they prevent the harmful UV rays from entering your car through the windshield and damaging the interiors of the car. The seat covers, steering wheel cover and the other electronic gadgets are prone to being damaged, if exposed to the blazing sun for hours.

4. Car window curtains to help you reduce the heat

Even though it is mandatory to have clear transparent windows in your car to get a good idea about the surroundings while you drive, it gets uncomfortable for the people sitting inside the car to travel during the summers. The heat and the rays are irritating and can affect the people sitting inside. Window curtains for your car are a good idea as they help to keep the temperature of the car low and prevent the direct rays of the sun disturbing your otherwise peaceful drive.

5. Find shady area for your car

Park your car in the shade of trees or buildings. Keeping cars directly under the sun not only will make it impossible to sit inside the car even for a minute, the colour of your car will fade, leaving it old and damaged. The other electronic gadgets too can burst or leak due to the extreme heat. However, if you keep your car under the shade of a tree, you have to be aware of fallen leaves and bird droppings as they can spoil your car.

6. Cover the seats of the car

Seats are prone to getting heated up real fast due to the ravishing heat. It gets uncomfortable for you to sit on them. When not in use, cover the seats up with a good layer of blankets, as this will prevent the heat from heating up the seats or even fading the colour of the seat cover, especially if they are made up of leathers.

7. Get tinted windows

Get your car windows tinted. Not only does it keep the unnecessary stares away, maintaining a sense of privacy, but it also keeps the temperature of the car low in hot weather. It's estimated that window tinting cools the car down by 60 percent or more. But if you decide to do this, check the local regulations and comply with certain technical requirements.

During the peak of the season, the heat might damage your car. Well, now you are ready with the best of equipment to keep your car protected and safe, ensuring a good drive always!

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