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Buying Guide of LED Light Bars for Your Car

Jan 28, 2020, 6:33 pm / Brian Lageose

Driving with low visibility is dangerous, bad weather can make the situation worse, so it’s better to take some measures to prevent accidents in such condition. The visibility is very important because you don't want to risk and drive when you can't see clearly. Here comes the need for the installation of an LED light bar in the front part of your car and ensuring it lights up when you're driving at night.

People who want to install the bars may get troubled by the possibility of making the wrong choice from the wide range available. So, here we bring a complete guide for buying LED light bars for your car. Below mentioned are some important points that you need to consider.

1. Size

Keeping everything on one side, the size of the LED light bar of your car is the most important thing to consider. Needless to mention that the bigger the size, the more number of lights it will have and finally, better visibility. But to the contrary, there are lights that are small in size but have proven to be popular by offering a significant amount of light. It is always better to choose a bar that is suitable for your car and looks good when installed. The options available are from 4 inches to 50 inches. Quite apparent that bigger the size, the higher the price.

2. Beam Pattern

Basically, there are five types of beam patterns available for LED light bars, out of which, two are popularly known - floodlights and spotlights. As the name suggests, floodlights project light to cover a wider area as possible, but the length is not too much. On the other hand, spotlights project light as far as possible, with the width coverage being less than floodlights. The third type is a combination beam pattern, which is the combination of a floodlight and spotlight. The remaining two types include driving beams and scene beams. The beam wider than the floodlight is the scene pattern, and the standard, factory headlights are the driving beam pattern. Though the combination pattern should be preferred, you should make your own choice.

3. Light Color

LED should always be preferred in white color over yellow, especially for cars. However, even the white light is not appropriate sometimes. So, you need to be accurate about the range of the light. The most popular range for car bars is from 6000K to 6500K, which emits crisp, white light, perfect for areas with limited lighting, backroads, and trail riding. The second name on the priority list is Amber LED, ranging from 3000K to 3500K. Being less reflective, the amber LED helps in navigating during bad weather.

4. Number of rows

The 'number of rows' option for LED bars allows you to choose from - single row or double row. A basic knowledge everyone has is that double row light will produce more light as compared to the single row pattern. This is what makes double row lights an expensive choice. Although most people prefer double row over single ones, your choice would depend on the height and size of your vehicle. A single row LED would look better on a small car with a low height.

5. Water Resistance

Choosing a LED bar that is known for its durability can be the most favorable when you plan off-roading in severe environments. There are companies that offer wind, dirt, and water resistance. There could be conditions when your bar can get wet. So, it is better to be prepared and get a bar that is completely waterproof. An expensive bar is better than risking an electrical problem. If not completely water-resistant, you should definitely choose a bar offering a high-protection rating.

6. Installation

Last but not the least, is to decide where you want to install the light. Maybe not too much, but this decision will affect the choice of an LED light bar for your car. The front of the car is basic, but many people install headlights on the roof too. Apart from this, the correct installation is also very important as the slightest of mistake can cause expensive damage to the electric system of a modern car.

These are all the features that you need to keep in mind while selecting an LED bar for your vehicle. It's essential but not easy, so follow the guide thoroughly and get the best pick.&

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