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BMW X3 VS BMW X5, Which One Is Your Best Choice?

Mar 22, 2019, 9:07 am / Brian Lageose

BMW is a giant in the world of cars and there is no doubt that this brand produces some of the best vehicles that we see in the market right now. If you're going to invest your money in a BMW vehicle, you have to make sure that you are choosing the best one. The BMW X3 and BMW X5 are the two most popular car models, and both good looking SUVs that would easily turn heads when you drive it around the city. But they still have differences and you will discover them in this article!

Interior and space

One important thing to notice is the interiors of the cars. Of course, it's a must that you are going to be comfortable inside both of the cars, at first glance, you might even think that these two cars very similar design inside. When it comes to the sitting capacity, the X5 has a bit of an advantage since it is a 7-seater, so it's more suitable for large family; while the X3 can only seat 5 people. However, if you are looking for a car that is more compact, you have to take note that the X3 is seven inches shorter than the X5. As for the leg room, it's a tie since there is not a lot of difference between the space of the BMW X3 and X5.

The performance

When you buy a car, performance is a big deal especially if you're going to shell out a big amount for it. The great thing about BMW cars is that you are assured of luxury quality all the time. But there are some tiny differences between the X5 and the X3 that you need to know. The BMW X5 has five powertrains that are backed by a different turbocharged engine, which allows it to be more powerful than the engine used in the X3. On the other hand, you can't really complain about that because the X3 is also a good car and even has two brand new power trains that allow it to perform really well on the road and could even offer noticeably better mileage.

Safety level

Anything can happen while you're on the road so it's important to know how safe you are in your vehicle. Unsurprisingly, both the X3 and the X5 are created and tested to keep you safe while on the road. They have outstanding crash test ratings that assure customers of great engineering and quality. But if you want to upgrade your security, you can add a surround view camera in your X5.

Car protection

The BMW X3 and X5 are both premium quality vehicles that are such a joy to drive. Whether you're going to a meeting or a night out with friends, these cars are your best friends. They are constructed to have gorgeous interiors and exteriors while having the BMW performance that is famous around the world. You also have to know that they are both packed with features that you won't see in ordinary cars. However, if you're going to purchase one of these vehicles, you have to give them maximum protection.

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