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Best Road Trip Car: What Should You Look for?

Aug 20, 2019, 3:32 pm / Brian Lageose

A good comfortable road trip not only lightens your mood but also refreshes your soul. But the hurdles during the road trip can make your trip more hectic and less enjoyable. So in order to make your journey smooth and safe it is very important that you choose the right kind of vehicle.

#Top 3 criteria for a road trip car

There are top 3 criteria on the basis of which you can pick the right car to make your trip successful.
  1. MPG: It is very important that your road trip does not cost you a fortune, hence, checking a car's MPG rating is essential. Before starting your journey, first analyze that how far your car can travel in one gallon of petrol or diesel. It reflects a car's fuel efficiency. Moreover, the higher the mileage the more money you will save of your gas budget.
  2. Cargo Space: Pleasant road trip are those which are comfortable. Having enough leg space for you to stretch out along with sufficient cargo space for your luggage and food has the utmost importance during a road trip.
  3. Specialty: The additional features that your car includes can also play a huge role during your journeys. Such as Navigation system, music player, automatic high beam headlights can make your trip entertaining as well as provide safety. If your car doesn't have the above 2 mentioned criteria that it must have something else to offer as a trade-off.

#5 road trip cars recommended

On the basis of above criteria, we recommend the following cars for your next road trip. Some are sporty while others provide utility, features, range that will not only make your journey safe but entertaining as well.
  1. Toyota RAV4: This SUV is best designed for families because of its spacious and well equipped interior. Both gas and electric model provide great mileage and features a 203 horsepower four-cylinder engine which ensure a trouble-free ride.
  2. Jeep Grand Cherokee: This SUV has an outstanding off-road ability along with comfortable interior. It has a blind spot monitoring and cross traffic alert system as well as automatic high beam lights to provide you a carefree secure ride.
  3. Ford Mustang EcoBoost Premium Fastback: Hitting the road in this iconic American car is super fun as it includes a high-tech 4 cylinder turbocharged engine which gives 310 horsepower. In this car you can easily cover 31 miles per gallon on the highway.
  4. Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG: This car is considered as one of the fastest car you can buy for your road trip as its 603 horsepower V8 Bi-turbo engine can launch the car from 0 to 60 mph in just few seconds. Along with this, the car also offers plenty of room for your luggage and other necessities.
  5. Volvo V90 Cross Country Inscription: This car has many things to offer which can make your ride fun and pleasant, such as, its 53.9 cubic feet of cargo space, its supercharged 316 horsepower engine and its high tech touchscreen entertainment system. All of these features make this car a great fit for road trip.

Useful road trip tips

Apart from car selection, there are other things as well which may or may not affect your trip. Hence, before planning your next trip you must consider the following things in order to avoid any possible interruption.
  1. Plan Ahead: Before heading out for your trip you must make a proper plan in order to enjoy to the fullest. Lack of planning creates hurdles and can make your journey slow and hectic. Pre planning things like your final destination, which route you are going to make, where and when you will stop your car for short intervals, etc. will save up your time as well as will make you less puzzled.
  2. Take Care of All: Your preplanning will help you out in terms of analyzing that what things you will need in your trip. If you are planning to enter a foreign country then do you have an international driving permit, or are you aware about the laws of that country. Moreover, if you are travelling with kids then do you have all the necessary things that will be required? If you want a carefree trip then taking care of all these things in advance is essential.
  3. Pack Smartly: Packing is one thing in which anyone can make a mistake. Packing carefully as per your trip's requirement is very important. For example, for your night time stop overs you will definitely need portable tents, rear mattress for car, folding cars and may be a torchlight. On the other hand, overdoing the packing can also lead to trouble. By packing unnecessary things you will overload your car, which will leave less space for you.
  4. Drive Safe: Any road trip is exciting and fun only if you are driving safe. There are many car protecting gadgets which will help you out, like, a GPS to guide you correctly, a dash cam to avoid any possible accidents, a night vision system in case of low visibility. For night vision system, Lanmodo's 1080 automotive night vision camera will be the perfect choice for your ride. It will show the real road situation in the full-color image, making it easy for you to detect any hurdle. Its 300m coverage will make you see the road far ahead, which is impossible to see with ordinary headlights.

Long drives and road trips are exciting but they can be tiring as well. Therefore, you must select the best road trip car, plan ahead and keep drivers safe by taking care of all the security and safety gadgets.

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