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Best 2019 Christmas Gifts for Car Lovers

Dec 6, 2019, 10:19 am / Brian Lageose

Christmas is not far away and this is the time, when you start thinking about gifts to give, especially to the car lovers. Buying them something can be seemingly difficult, because a car lover is very specific about everything they use when driving. However, you should not be worried about it, as we have a list of best Christmas gifts that can give car lovers surprises.

1. Automatic Car Umbrella

This is a gift that the car fanatic in your life will surely appreciate, mainly when the precious car is often parked outside. Being large enough to suit various car models, Lanmodo automatic car umbrella assures that year-round protection will be provided to your car. It is operated by remote control, saves much effort and time.

With fiberglass structure, adjustable windproof straps and sturdy canopy, Lanmodo car umbrella will shield vehicles from rain, snow, dust and dirt, maintaining vehicle in good condition. There should be no worry about it being stolen, as it is equipped with anti-theft belt with steel wires that are difficult to cut off. Additionally, the Lanmodo automatic umbrella can be used as an outdoor umbrella, so you can enjoy many outdoor activities with your family.

2. Smartphone Mount

With this gift item, the driver can keep their eyes on the road and do not have to look down to take a look at the navigation. The mount will stay front and center on the dashboard and its arm grips can expand and hold a large smartphone.A phone mount is adjustable, so user can swing it in a different direction if needed.

3. Car Cleaning Kit

Though not the most exciting gift item on this list, a cleaning kit makes a perfect present for car enthusiasts, who are interested in keeping his vehicle clean. Most kits contain several items, including a wash liquid, microfiber towels and mitts, wax for detailing and other accessories that give a shiny, and well-polished vehicle.

4. Car Night Vision Camera

This Christmas gift will make the car owner realize that driving at night or in unfriendly weather has never been easier. Lanmodo car night vision camera contains a camera and a display screen, it offers a full color night vision, which reflects the actual road situation. The 8.2” screen provides a clear view and not cause distraction. Besides, its image is 1080P high resolution, eliminating all worries with regards to blurred vision, darkness, rainy days and foggy weather.

The 36° wide-angle vision and night vision distance that can reach up to 300 meters or 984 feet allow the driver to know the road situation in advance, thus preventing accident risks. The Lanmodo car night vision camera is applicable on 99% car models and is easy to install and use.

5. Multi-Port Charger

A multi-port charger is a gift item that is perfect for modern times, because almost everyone is obsessed with mobile phone and can't imagine their phones are out of battery. The multi-port charger allows its user to charge several gadgets at the same time, so when you go out with family or friends, you don't have to worry about lining up for charging.

6. No Blind Spot Rear View Mirror

Blind spot is the area outside the car that the driver cannot see while driving. To reduce this blind spot, you can present the car owner with a no blind spot rear view mirror on Christmas and he will surely love it. The panoramic view will allow him to monitor continuously the adjacent motor vehicles when changing lanes or merging, without the need to turn his head. The mirror also limits the glare of the headlights of the trailing car by 50 percent.

7. Dash Camera

Who wouldn't love to receive a dash camera as a gift? It is often mounted on the car windshield and designed to record videos during the trip. The purpose of the dash camera is to record what happens both inside the car and on the road, especially when there is an incident. It is now almost a necessary accessory to vehicles.

8. Leather Driving Gloves

A car person will truly appreciate this great 2019 Christmas gift, especially if he values cool looks and ergonomics. The best driving gloves are crafted from high quality soft leather with little holes cut at regular intervals to allow the hands to breathe. As these gloves age, they tend to develop a weathered finish that makes them look special. Get the gloves that have a good wrist-snap button to secure the fit. There are several sizes and colors from which you can choose.

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