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6 Practical and Thoughtful Gifts for New Drivers

Jun 14, 2019, 9:02 am / Richard

Who isn’t excited about passing their drivers’ test or even better, getting their own car? It is always nice to celebrate the happiness of someone we care about with a gift. Thinking about driver gifts, the first things that are obvious to you might be a riding glove or a jacket or other such apparent accessories. In short, finding gifts for new drivers can be tough. That is why we are here to introduce to you some of the latest, extremely useful products available to us today, that are sure to win over the heart of the new driver.

1. Gift them a car freshener

When it comes to gifting a new driver, a car air freshener is an extremely thoughtful product. For people who love spending time inside their car, the interiors play a huge role in ensuring their comfort. Starting from odour of leftover food to the smell of the engine heating up under the sun, the car interior can susceptible to unpleasant smells. An air freshener keeps the car interior light and fresh. They are available today in a variety of fragrances and shapes of your choice and some even are designed to be spill-proof to give you a convenient time using them. Most of the car air fresheners are now designed to last up to 60 days or even more.

2. Surprise them with Lanmodo night vision system

Roads can be quite tricky with potholes and other potential dangers lurking on the way. Without enough experience, driving at night without a safety gear for a clear vision in the dark can be even more dangerous. This makes Lanmodo Vast night Vision System the perfect gift for the new driver who often drives around at night.

The Lanmodo vast night vision system comes with 8.2” screen and 7G glass camera that displays 1080p and full-color image for better visibility at night. The night vision of this system extends up to an impressive 300 meters, which means the driver can see in advance how the road looks ahead. Suited for almost 99% of the cars available today,Lanmodo Vast night vision system is easy to set up and can be installed in two ways; either you can set it up on the dashboard using the non-slip mat or fix it on your windshield using the suction cup.

This NVS provides a clear colour image under a variety of conditions including foggy or rainy weather, it can be one of the best gift for the new driver in your life.

3. Key tracker to the rescue

Finding your keys can be messy. We are all familiar with the frustration when we can’t find the key to our cars on our way out. A key is relatively small and easily gets lost, especially if you have kids running around the house all day long. A key tracker, in this case can be your ultimate saviour. Several manufacturers use map or other mechanisms such as alarms in the the key tracker that leads you to the place your key is ‘hiding’. Most of these devices can be connected to your personal devices so that it’s easy to manage the device to track down your key. So, if you know someone who is constantly losing their keys, straight-away gift them a precious little key tracker.

4. Digital tyre gauge

If you are someone who constantly loves taking rides in your car, it is only obvious you know how important the tyre pressure of your vehicle can be. Unfortunately, not many people constantly monitor the tyre pressure of their rides. Driving long distances with under-inflated tyres can increase their rolling resistance, so that tyres wear out easily . This can be quite dangerous for your car and travellers inside. A digital tyre gauge is just what you need to gift your loved ones for such conditions. Most of the manufacturers have portable tyre gauges with readable designs nowadays.

5. Safety first with a no blind-spot rear view mirror

Safety of our loved ones is always our concern, especially when it comes to travelling in the road. Roads can have unexpected dangers lurking just around the corner. The side-view mirrors and rear-view mirrors of most cars have a blind-spot which makes it difficult to see certain areas. This makes no blind-spot rear view mirror perfect gift for drivers. They come with a wider field for viewing the road behind while at the same time, maintaining the proportion of an object approaching from behind fairly accurate. Some of the designs are even shatter proof and can easily be clipped on to the existing rear-view mirror of your vehicle.

6. Keep the car cool with Lanmodo car umbrella

Summer with the clear blue sky above can be quite tempting. With breaks right around the corner, summer is the favourite time of travel enthusiasts to pack their gear for the long-awaited road trips. But just like you, the summer heat can be harsh on your car as well. The heat can cause serious damage to the engine, the tyres and several other parts of the car as well as to the passenger(s) inside.

This is probably a good time to think about gifting your loved one a Lanmodo four-season car umbrella. Easy to set up, this car tent is known to reduce the car temperatures up to 36 degree celsius. Apart from heat, the car tent also protects your car from snow, rain and dust. It can also be used as an umbrella with adjustable stand to protect your family from the harsh conditions of the surroundings during outdoor picnics and other such activities. The product even comes with plug-in lights and portable USB that lets you charge your devices on the go. What are you waiting for then? Go ahead and gift your loved one the car shade to make their journey a memorable one.

So, next time you decide to surprise a driver, stay away from the obvious and go for something new and useful like some of the things mentioned above to ensure you make the special gift to your special one truly memorable.

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