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Traditional Hail Proof Car Cover Vs Lanmodo Smart Hail Proof Car Umbrella

Mar 12, 2019, 4:29 pm / Lara

If you usually leave your car parked on the street unprotected, you might feel anxious about the potential problem that hail may cause to your car. This is especially so, when your area is often visited by hail. Of course, because you value your car so much, you would want to get the car cover that will give your vehicle the best defense against hail. We hope that the following guide will help you take a wise decision. At times, when the hail hits faster than finding a shelter, preparation is the key. So read on and find out, which hail proof car umbrella will serve you best, so you can get it now.

Traditional Car Covers

Many people commonly buy this type of car cover because it can be spread to cover the entire body of your car. The question is, can these really provide complete protection from hail? Note that typical car cover lays too close to the surface of your car, so when big hail stones fall on it, you can expect very little or no protection at all. Perhaps it can be helpful for small hailstones, but not when it is the size of a golf ball.

Having a traditional car cover may cause you some difficulties or discomfort, particularly during the setting up and dismantling processes. Much effort and time will be needed and doing it single-handedly, without a helping hand could be a dreadful task. It is also bulky, when folded. Even those covers that are advertised as waterproof are not one hundred per cent water repellent and they can create more harm than good, when moisture is trapped between the cover and the bodywork.

Lanmodo Smart Hail Proof Car Umbrella

When a car garage or shelter is not available, there are a number of possible ways to protect your vehicle and the Lanmodo smart hail proof car umbrella can do what an ordinary car cover cannot. When we say hail proof, it means that using it will protect your car from hail, big and small. A bad hail can do a number of things to your car, like for example, create dents and dings on the body of your car. You may also expect broken windshields, side mirrors or windows, which can cause you high repair costs. Buying a smart car umbrella for your vehicle will prevent considerable damage and save you a big amount of money, too.

  1. The Lanmodo smart hail proof car umbrella has a unique design that makes anyone able to operate it simply and without any difficulty. The one click remote control allows you to set it up in 30 seconds and open/fold it in as short as 8 seconds each. So, even a young kid or an elderly person can mount this umbrella on the car roof very easily.
  2. A smart hail proof car umbrella is designed to be extremely portable. You can fold it after each use and store it in your car trunk. When you fold the car umbrella, it becomes compact . The next morning you can take it with you again, anywhere you need to go. You can leave it parked, covered, and protected from things that may cause your car any harm.
  3. Strong materials such as fiberglass and silver coated Oxford fabric are used in the manufacture of Lanmodo smart hail proof car umbrella. These materials are so sturdy that can make the car umbrella shade hold any falling objects like hail and snow and other elements, thus preventing your vehicle from getting harmed.
  4. This hail proof car umbrella also comes with an anti-theft feature, so it will not be stolen while unattended. Additionally, it has a very powerful suction base and windproof strap that makes the tent stable while mounted.

Lanmodo Smart Car Umbrella is Multifunctional

It is useful not only as a car cover that prevents UV rays, hail, snow and rain from getting through, causing damage. The smart car umbrella can also function as your shade when you do some activities outdoor, like camping, fishing, partying, or watching a movie. You simply need to have some extra stands, canopies and other accessories and voila, you have a multifunctional tent.

Taking good care of your car will increase its lifespan. It will also make your experience smoother and safer. It will need just a small investment on a smart hail proof car umbrella to have the protection that your vehicle deserves. Why not buy one now so you can show how you appreciate the service being provided by your vehicle.

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