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Tips to Choose the Right Car Umbrella for Your Vehicle

Mar 6, 2019, 4:46 pm / Brian Lageose
The outdoor car covers are the new-age defensive spreads for any car, truck or SUV. The lightweight, fitted, foldable defensive spread moves up with a push of a button into a galvanized steel canister. There is a diverse range of outside car covers on the market, but only a few of them are of quality indeed. Therefore, you must pay attention to some features when choosing a car umbrella.

This product should meet the following criteria:

  1. Setup/Function - Easy set up with one simple click on a strong wireless connection transmission
  2. Quick installation - The whole open process should take no more than 10s while the complete installation process has to take less than 60s.
  3. Design - Have a nice and modern design plus to be available in various colors
  4. Multiple usages - As a car cover, parasol, camping tent, and the like
  5. Quality - Must be very flexible and made of the high-quality materials

Here are several other suggestions regarding the car umbrella you should take into account when purchasing this product. The car umbrella should showcase an advanced technology that provides solutions which include protection from excessive heat, bird droppings and acid rain. Furthermore, the next thing about this car umbrella is that the air flow is between the umbrella and the car. This means that even if the tent surface temperature increases, heat will not be transmitted to the car. The umbrella has to provide shelter for your car and protects it against acid rains, UV radiation, and leaves. In addition, it must fit into everyone's styling and extends the life of your car by protecting it against harmful effects.

The car umbrella outdoor item which meets all criteria mentioned above is Lanmodo Auto Car Umbrella. With an easy to use remote controller, you can control this umbrella with ease. This item is very portable and can be folded and carried at any time. It has a folding size of 0.85m x 0.22m. This means it will consume a little space of your car. When you unfold the car umbrella, it will be 3.5 meter long and 2.1 meters in width which can cover a 7 seated car effortlessly, and it's only 6kg in weight.

The weight is commendable considering the protection the umbrella will offer to your car. The open process takes from 5 to 10 seconds while the complete installation process takes 30 seconds in average. The umbrella can protect your car in hot weather by cooling the hot temperature around the car up to 36 degrees by simply covering it and making a shadow on the top of the car roof. It consistently ensures a cool environment is maintained around your car. That's why the Lanmodo car umbrella is one of the best covers for cars outside!

The Car Umbrella, which joins to the rear bumper, can be discharged easily and wound in and out of the canister by means of remote control. There are four colors available for you with a Do-It-Yourself option. This implies that you can easily customize it to portray your favorite club. The amazing mobile car umbrella provides a break on a heavy day, without having to go out and seek a place to rest. This automatically turns your car into a place where you can feel free to take a nap and wait for someone in the cool, thick shade umbrella. For example, it can be used in your working place, outdoor activity, business trip, in your backyard, and so on.

Some Attentions for Lanmodo Car Umbrella:

  1. Do not drive when using this car umbrella;
  2. Make sure to hook up the windproof hook after installing the car umbrella;
  3. Do not use the umbrella during the heavy rains and heavy winds;
  4. You should clean the car umbrella from time to time if it is very dusty.
  5. Tight up the wind-resistant ropes in case of being blown away. The car umbrellaonly can withstand strong wind with speed of 13m/s(61km/h).

There is the possibility of making Lanmodo car umbrella serve as a camping tent in future, so it will be a versatile product with a lot of different functions!

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