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Lanmodo Auto Car Umbrella VS Manual Car Cover

Mar 6, 2019, 5:45 pm / Brian Lageose

How many times has it happened to you that you are going to travel somewhere and you want to take a pause? Many times you circled and looked for parking in the shade or not found and you had to park at worst the sun and leave your car to be glowing. How many times did you go to the beach, alone or with your family, and upon returning home have to be uncomfortable driving in a hot automobile? If you have experienced such inconvenience things, you need to start thinking about how to protect your car. There are two options: Traditional car covers with manual functions and innovative auto car covers that come with an automatic mechanism. Let's compare these two car products and see which one is a better solution for you!

Both automatic car umbrella and manual car cover benefit you in the heat, by protecting your car from harmful UV rays. It is quite annoying to find bird dropping on your car or encounter the heat that engulfs you the moment you enter the car if you had parked under direct sunlight. The auto lower the temperature of the car by 36 degrees or more. The heat is kept out by deflecting sun rays through the umbrella surface as well as absorbing some. What about the manual car covers? These car covers are not as efficient as car umbrellas because they do not completely reflect sun rays. Depending on the material, manual car covers are able to reduce the temperature of the vehicle by 10-15 degrees in most case, which is not enough during the summer.

By the way, manual car covers have main function - to protect the car from dust. On the other side, automatic car covers are multifunctional and can be used for different purposes. In addition to cool down your car, they can also protect it from the wind, rain, snow, dust, leaves, and so on. What's more, you can use these items as a parasol at the picnic and when going out somewhere.

These two products also differ when it comes to their setup, i.e. assembly and disassembly. Since all functions in manual car covers have to be done manually, it takes a lot of time to set up such a product on your car. This time-consuming process is pretty annoying if you must do it every day. On the other hand, auto come with the remote controller, which makes them very easy to install. It takes about 30 seconds to install Lanmodo car umbrella and less than 10 seconds to unfold fully.

Take a look at the following table to better understand the difference between these two car covers.

Features Lanmodo Auto Car Umbrella Manual Car Cover
Save-Time Yes No
Easy to install Yes No
Multifunctionality Yes No
Anti-theft protection Yes No
Lifespan 3-5 years 2-3 years
Controls Controlled by remore controller Manual controls
Function Protect from sun, acid rain, snow, dust,
leaves, bird dropping, etc.
Mostly protect from dust

As you can see, the automatic car umbrella can beat the traditional manual car covers in all fields - in functionality, the simplicity of use, efficiency, quality, and reliability. That's why Lanmodo auto car umbrella is the absolute winner when it comes to outdoor car protection!

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