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Is A Custom Car Umbrella Necessary for You?

Mar 12, 2019, 5:52 pm / Lara

No garage to park your car? No problem. You can park it outside, without having to worry about having your vehicle damaged by various different elements. As long as it is covered by the Lanmodo car umbrella, it will get the all-season protection that it needs, thus prolonging its life. Besides keeping your car cool and sheltered, the custom car umbrella also gives car owners the opportunity to have it customized according to your specifications. So why not grab this opportunity and utilize your car shade as a mobile billboard to advertise your business?

How to Customize the Lanmodo Car Umbrella?

If you are in the business of selling a product or service, it is important that you explore all means of having it advertised. Just as you can promote your brand on brochures and business cards, websites and social media networks, you can also do it on your Lanmodo custom made car umbrella to make your company be easily seen and noticed by other people.

The good thing about customizing your car umbrella is you will be allowed to select your favourite color and pattern, as per your whims and fancies. Hence, if you think of a car cover or umbrella, Lanmodo is the best. This marketing technique will prove to be effective, as you use your Lanmodo custom car umbrella when you travel to work, attend conventions, go to and from your appointments and when you are simply doing your shopping.

The Benefits of a Custom Car Umbrella

If you always park your car outdoors, a car umbrella is an everyday indispensable thing. Designed to give absolute protection to almost all types of cars, this product is also a practical way of getting your business' message across to your potential customers. While your vehicle is parked, passersby get to notice the customized car umbrella printed with your brand name, colour and logo and your business name will get memorized in their minds.

Since a custom car umbrella gives a unique look to your vehicle, it tends to attract the attention of people. This is a great way to make a lasting effect on people residing in your apartment complex or neighbourhood. The custom car umbrella will surely be an acceptable means of promotion by the public for your business. You can give this car umbrella as a present to your special customers or as a give away item during meetings, conferences and social or public events.

The Other Features of a Lanmodo Car Umbrella

The Lanmodo car umbrella offers various other features that make it popular and one of a kind product.

  1. One of its prominent aspects is it's ease in use. It can be set up, opened and closed by simply touching a button on the remote. You won't have to struggle with the manual release mechanism found in other types of car umbrellas.
  2. After serving its purpose for the day, you can simply fold it into a compact and lightweight form that conveniently fits the cargo compartment of your car. As its folded size is perfect for travel, you can take it with you again, when you go to work or anywhere you need to be present. This only shows how portable the Lanmodo car umbrella is.
  3. This new and advanced product provides an all-season protection. It has reinforced fiberglass support, making the frame so sturdy and also makes the Oxford fabric canopy highly resistant to wind, hail and snow. You can use it in the harsh outdoors and in the extreme heat as well. The umbrella is always ready for whatever mother nature brings with it.
  4. With additional stands and extra canopy, you can easily transform it into a beach or a fishing umbrella. Whenever you need camping or a garden party tent, you need not look for other tents in the market. Simply improvise the car umbrella using extra accessories and you're ready to party! What a convenience, isn't it?
  5. The car umbrella by Lanmodo is reasonably price and it will not create a hole in your pocket. The quality of design and work will make you appreciate it more. Therefore, if you are looking for an innovative car umbrella with custom design, you do not have to go too far. Lanmodo can offer this to you.

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