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Carport Canopy VS Lanmodo Car Umbrella

Mar 6, 2019, 5:11 pm / Evelyn Smith

This article is going to discuss a regular carport canopy and compare it to the Lanmodo Car Umbrella.

A regular car canopy is typically a long term or short term structure, often made from steel, aluminum, PVC, or wood used for protecting your car. These car carport canopy are all suited for different purposes. Well-built steel or wood canopies can withstand high winds, and are normally used alongside a house, wooden preferred for this purpose as it can be styled nicely! When adequately protected, they can handle weathering, but unprotected wood can rot and steel can corrode. Wood is more resistant than steel to acid rain. Typically, though steel or wood will be protected, and will be used for long term car canopies. An example is below:

These take time to put up, are bulky but can look pleasant in the case of wood. PVC car canopies resemble tents which can be used by campers, travelers or home use, but cannot be left long term without damage.

The Lanmodo car umbrella aims to take the benefits of all types of regular car shelters, the strength and versatility of the regular steel and wood car canopies, the portability of the PVC Car canopies and aims to add benefits of its own, including being easier for one person to set up and looks stylish! The Lanmodo car umbrella is below:

The Lanmodo car umbrella is a unique solution to owning your own car carport canopy. It enables you to no matter where you drive, be it work, college, your home or your friend's house or even cross country, your car is always protected no matter what. They also have a stylish look. If used all the time it can protect the paint work from the sun and elements, such as dripping tree sap, bird droppings, falling twigs and leaves etc.

A traditional carport canopy is typically used near buildings and is often a long-term structure as part of the building. The PVC car canopies are designed for portable use, but are often hard for one person to set up and cannot be used in a regular car park. The Lanmodo car umbrella solves this problem, it can be used in most situations apart from high winds.

The nylon supports ensure that it is a long-lasting structure and the use of rubber suction cups leaves no marks on your car! The Lanmodo car umbrella can be activated in as little as 8 seconds and on a hot day or climate can keep your car much cooler, up to 36 degrees lower. It can take as little as 30 seconds to put up and can easily fit in the boot of the car when it is not up as well, being only 85cm in length. It comes in two models, the Semi-Auto and the Auto, the Semi-Auto and the Auto models are similar, the main difference being the Auto has the remote for convenience.

There are more planned features being added to the next models of the Lanmodo Car Umbrella.


The car umbrella is great to ensure your car is protected everywhere you go! It can be used to protect your car everywhere you go. It is the best car canopy carport on the market.

The investment is small when it comes to protecting the large investment which is your car! The umbrella removes the benefit of PVC car canopies as they can be used while traveling as a replacement for one. It will not withstand high winds, for this wood or steel are best. So, if you are in a windy climate, avoid using the car umbrella and stick to materials such as steel and wood. But for any other circumstance, the Lanmodo car umbrella wins hands down, with the stylish look and the benefits discussed above, especially the mere 8 seconds to open up and the ability to take it anywhere and keep your car cool in the summer and protected, they are worth the purchase


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