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7 Useful Items to Keep In Your Car This Winter

Mar 12, 2019, 6:23 pm / Lara

Winter season is around the corner, and you know what the season used to come with, extreme cold, ice and snow falls. The extreme cold associated with winter do not only affect the human body but also have a damaging effect on cars. There are some useful items you need to get handy before winter season catch up with you with its damaging effects. The reason why you need to have these items in your car is to prevent the damages winter cause to cars. The car umbrella cover is among the items you should put inside your car before the emergence of a winter season.

1. Sturdy ice scraper and snow brush

The dangers of snow ice to your car are enormous and you do not have to allow it to happen before looking for a solution. It is better that you prevent it by getting a sturdy ice scraper and snow brush. There ice scrapers in the in the mark the market but not all of them are sturdy enough to do the work.

2. Extra windshield washer fluid

Extreme winter cold usually causes several car fluids to freeze. The windshield washer fluid can always be more vicious after freezing as a result of low temperature caused by winter weather. When this happens, it can result in damages on your car windshield, which will cost you a huge amount of money to fix or replace. You can avoid this from happening by making sure your windshield washer fluid has antifreeze components to prevent it from freezing.

3. First aid kit

Among other items you need in your car prior to the winter season, first aid kit is among the most important. No one ever knows the danger winter season can put him or her. To be on a safe side it is important that all car owners get a well equipped first aid kit in their car before the onset of winter weather when the emergency vehicle response time may be slow if it's snowing.

4. Shovel

Driving on a snow terrain is not always easy with all kind of cars. Only those cars with winter tires can drive through a snow terrain easily. To make sure your car is not hindered from moving across a snow road, you need a small or collapsible shovel to in your trunk. This will be helpful in the case your car got stuck in snow terrain or when there is a need to clear path to drive across.

5. A warm blanket

Those that usually commute a distance road every day to their workplace know how unpredictable their journey can be. When there is heavy traffic you can be made to waste time on the road more than you proposed. If this happens in winter, you will need a blanket to cover I order to avoid catching a cold. If your car does not have a heater, the blanket can help to keep you warm.

6. Sunglasses

The Sunglasses are mostly demanded during the summer in order to block out the ray of the sun from getting to the eyes. But, most people do not know that they also need sunglasses during the winter season. The reflection of sun rays on snow can truly be discomforting to the body. To avoid that, you need to wear sunglasses while driving in winter to reduce the effect of sun glare.

7. Lanmodo winter car umbrella cover

Parking your car outside may look nice to you in a favorable weather condition, but not in a winter season. The winter cold weather can be damaging on a car parked outside due to the extremely low temperature that comes with it. With Lanmodo winter car umbrella cover your car is going to be completely protected against the effect of low temperature during the winter season. Some of the reasons why Lanmodo car umbrella cover is good for your winter use are:

  1. Lanmodo Pro car umbrella cover is 4.8M size, which is large enough to completely cover most of the cars including hatchback, sedan, wagon, and van. So, you will not have to buy another car cover simply because you changed a car when you get Lanmodo Pro.
  2. Portable and foldable; You can easily put this car cover in your trunk and take it anywhere to protect your car when parking outside. Making use of Lanmodo in your workplace or in any outdoor space is not going result to discomfort due to the portability and lightweight nature of the umbrella.
  3. Car tent canopy is made of Oxford cloth. The oxford cloth used in making this car umbrella is waterproof as well as durable.
  4. Sturdy structure made of fiberglass material - the effect of wind and other adverse winter weather condition will never take a toy on your car covered with Lanmodo car umbrella cover. It is strong enough to withstand the effect of snow and hail.

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