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Traditional Car Canopy Tent VS Lanmodo Mobile Car Tent

Mar 6, 2019, 4:54 pm / Evelyn Smith
Convenience is one of the things people often sort after. Just as you and I want life to be more convenient and enjoyable likewise car lovers. They want to get mobile car cover that will protect their car everywhere they go. The two widely used car cover types are traditional canopy tent and Lanmodo mobile car tent. Each of these car covers comes with feature that made it unique. To make the uniqueness of the car tents plain to you, this post is dedicated to place the two types side by side.

Part 1: Traditional Car Canopy Tent

The traditional car canopy tent is built to be used mostly at home. So, it is designed to serve the purpose of guaranteeing protection to car while packed at home. Another thing about this type of car canopy is that it is built to be stationary in one place. That means your car can only be protected when at home and inside the canopy.

Another downside associated with traditional car canopy is the difficulty associated with its installation. The installation requires more than one person. In fact, in most case, there will be need for two or even three people to set up the traditional car canopy. If you want to avoid difficulty in car canopy setup, then the traditional canopy will not be your best choice.

In addition, if you are searching for car cover that will be usable anywhere you go at any point in time then, this traditional canopy will not work for you. It will be a tedious work for you to go about where you are going with the heavy frame structure and cloth of this canopy in your car. The frame will not even enter into your car truck unless you are using pickup or other bigger cars.

Part 2: Lanmodo Mobile Car Tent

The Lanmodo mobile car shelter has lots of advantages over other kinds of car tents in the market. Below are the features about this wonderful and innovative mobile car tent you need to know.
  1. Quite Portable and Easy To Carry Along: If you are looking for car canopy tent that will offer you great portability Lanmodo product has you covered. It is a well built, portable mobile carport canopy with great functionality and features. You will be certain of protecting your vehicle completely when you get this mobile car tent offered to car lovers by Lanmodo. The portability feature just made it easy to be carried from one place to another without stress.
  2. Function With Automatic Principles: Another thing that made Lanmodo car tent the best among others is the automatic principles it is made with. User convenient is absolutely guaranteed through the automatic feature associated with this mobile car tent. Storage of the car tent is not difficult as it can easily be folded as store in car trunk. To set up the mobile tent, all you need is a press on your wireless remote button.
  3. Built In a Size That Suit All Vehicles Alike: No matter the kind of vehicle you are currently using, the Lanmodo mobile tent is what you need to enjoy all around protection and covering. The cloth is built in size that can completely cover all vehicles ranging from mini cars to pickups and others. That made it the right and most suitable cover for your vehicle absolute protection and cover.
  4. Sunshade Feature To Cool Down Temperature:The Lanmodo car tent is built with anti-heated and sunshade feature. That means, you will not worry about overheat and discomfort in your vehicle when it is covered with Lanmodo tent. The temperature of car covered with Lanmodo car umbrella and the one without the cover differs with whooping 36°C.
  5. Anti-Theft with Changeable Cloth: Anti-theft feature is another benefits associated with Lanmodo mobile car tent. With anti-theft ropes, thief will not be able to tamper with your car when you cover it with the innovative and well built automatic mobile Lanmodo car canopy offered here.

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