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Car Add-ons Worth Buying

Mar 13, 2019, 11:16 am / Abigail Williams

Well, here you are once again, planning to buy some car add-ons. Of course, we live in a high-technology world and you would want to upgrade your car to enjoy latest convenience that technology will offer. Not only are these car add-ons awesome on paper, they are also highly useful and promote safety in our day-to-day drive. Here are some of the cool car accessories we recommend for your vehicle.

Lanmodo Portable Car Tent

The innovative portable car tent would also be an interesting add-on for your car. The Lanmodo is portable in several aspects: first, Lanmodo car tent has a foldable structure, so you can fold it back and put into a package when not in use; second, Lanmodo is made of lightweight material, therefore it's easy to carry out and provide car protection. Lanmodo portable car tent can protect your car from intense heat, snow and hail and randomly falling objects. Your car interior would be shielded from the intense heat when parked under the hot sun. You can enjoy more outdoor time without worrying about the intense heat inside your car. Rain, snow, and even bird droppings would also be avoided from directly landing on your car roof , so the car's inherent shine would be preserved. Lanmodo car tent is also resistant to wind, making it an ideal car protector all year round.

Blue-tooth Based Text Dictation

Of course, who would still want to text inside their car while driving. Blue-tooth based text dictation removes such burden on the driver by allowing you to simply use voice to send a message via text or email on the way to your destination. This technology is convenient and improves your travel safety because you wouldn't be distracted by texting on your phone. You can now just talk and talk and let the text and emails take care of things on its own. Just be sure to speak clearly and carefully, the blue-tooth based text dictation might not be able to recognize words that are muffled .

Dash Cam

What is dash cam for? This gadget is not only useful to capture clips of accidents on the road, which could be useful in settlement of accidents and possible conflict with other drivers, but also document your drive history. In the event of an altercation, you can relay to the video recorded by the dash cam, which would give the best evidence to settle with another person. Hence, the dash cam protects you from possible scam artist with the intent of making a dollar here and there. Police authorities might also be a little nicer to you if they notice a dash cam that could record their behaviors. If you are also bored, you can re-enjoy the recorded view of your long drive.

GPS Navigation System

Of course, cars should utilize the built-in navigation system, which helps the driver to better head to destinations. The system will also track properly the road where one is headed. Relying merely on your smart-phone could lead to errors due to slow feedback. Imagine relying on a smart-phone app, telling you to turn right when it should have given the instruction a few seconds ago. The delay of a few seconds would have a tremendous effect on your travel time. The wrong turn, if in a highway, may spells trouble on your travel itinerary. By having a built-in navigation system, you can be assured that slow feedback would not be commonplace, a reliable GPS Navigation system in your car avoids this trouble. Instead of being constantly worried that you might have made the wrong turn, the GPS Navigation System will ease your concern and lead the right way.

All in here are the four must-haves when you look for car add-ons. Your travel to various destinations and all-year car protection would be more convenient with these four gadgets. Maybe, you may find travelling even more fun and less stressful with these additions.

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