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A Review of These Innovative Car Tent Designs in 2018

Mar 13, 2019, 11:26 am / Brian Lageose

Are you in love with your car? Then, you have to consider protecting it in the best way possible. Today, we want to divert your mind from the age-old garages and show you something amazing. These car tent designs have a touch of innovation and also the ability to protect your car well. If you want to protect your car at all times despite where you are, then take a look at the list of car tents that are currently rocking the market in 2018.

Lanmodo All-in-one Automatic Car Tent

This is the world's first car tent that is fully automatic and packs incredible new features with it. If you wish to buy the most innovative car tent with best quality, then Lanmodo automatic car tent is your answer. Well, this car camping tent is different from others in that it is not a camping tent in nature, but it can transform into a spacious camping tent with some additions.

Lanmodo is firstly a car cover. Manual car covers require a lot of effort and time while Lanmodo car tent frees you from all these. The installation of this innovative car tent will take you less than one minute, with one easy click you can set it up. This car tent has been designed using durable yet portable materials which makes it lightweight and portable in nature. It can withstand the weight of falling objects like hail, snow, and even bricks.

While as a camping tent, Lanmodo is also wonderful. It's easy to install: fix the adjustable stand, put on the canopies and then secure the whole tent with pegs, your work is done. With a USB port equipped, you can plug in LED lights and share the warm and beautiful night with your family. The features of Lanmodo Car Tent are endless. It's always suitable to pay a small price for a premium quality car tent. This car tent is the ultimate choice of car owners in 2018.

USRA Minor Honda Element Ecamper Roof Tent

The Ecamper provides a pop-top sleeper, that makes room for two and can be used for any Honda Element. If your element lacks the sunroof then it will be installed during the conversion. The USRA Minor Honda Element Ecamper Roof Tent will match perfectly with your car's exteriors. You can add rack systems, mounting points, and rack mounts to it. The Ecamper includes mattresses, camper, rear handle for the hatch, and LED lighting. Isn't it something extraordinary?

23 Zero Bundaberg Roof top Tent

This company has used all their experience in designing a roof top tent. The presence of unique detailing makes the roof top tent one of a kind. The mattress is 3 inches in size and has the perfect firmness that is required to offer maximum comfort to every sleeper. The tie points of the roof top tent use the exact same material as that of the tent. 23 Zero Bundaberg Roof top Tent is perfect for everyone who loves a little adventure.

Mt. Denali Standard Stargazer Pioneer

This is a tent that can hold four or more people inside it. It is a large roof top tent that provides unbelievable comfort to the users. The divider inside the tent can create two separate bedrooms. You will enjoy two doors for entry, two ladders for climbing up and down with braces, there is an Annex room, and the mesh present will keep mosquitoes away. The PVC floor can be easily removed as well. This car tent has been designed to offer you shelter and protect your car when you are away from your home. Check out the amazing Mt. Denali Standard Stargazer Pioneer.

Audi Q3 Camping Tent

Attach the Audi Q3 Camping Tent to the rear end of your car or the luggage compartment with the help of the locking system. The tent can even be used without the car because of the integrated front wall. You can easily set up this camping tent with the use of the pump. Enjoy the unimaginable stability and features of the Audi Q3 Camping Tent.

These are the best innovative car tent designs of 2018.

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