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Tips on How to Shop Car Sunshade for Your Vehicle

Mar 6, 2019, 4:58 pm / Abigail Williams
If you want to park outside during your working hours, during a business trip, on outdoor activities or even when you're just waiting for someone, a sunshade for car is the essential thing. One of the problems we often deal with during the summer is the overheating of the car. What if we have a solution that can solve this problem and keep the car cool even under a blazing sun? It is not just the heat that suffocates us when we enter the car, there are also damaging effects such heat has over the board and components.

Such a sunshade device brings a lot of benefits:

  1. It prevents your interior from inclement damage caused by the sun's harsh heat and UV rays;
  2. It cool down your car temperature and makes your ride more comfortable;
  3. Save your car interior electronics and components under the hood;
  4. In addition to UV rays and heat, it also protects your car from the acid rain, snow, bird droppings, dust, and fallen leaves.
With hundreds of sunshade car covers on the market, it might be a daunting task to pick the best sunshade for car. Let's narrow down the choice and highlight the four most popular sunshade car brands.


Coverking custom tailored vehicle covers are considered to be one of the best sunshade covers on the market. These covers feature the following:
  1. Fewest Seams Patterns
  2. Many Fabrics and Color Options
  3. Elastic at Front and Rear
  4. 3D Scan
  5. Mirror and Antenna Pocket
  6. Wax Coated Threads
  7. Durable Seams
  8. Security Grommets
  9. Breathable Fabrics
Each of those covers is made out by order and specifically crafted for a particular vehicle. By using computer-aided designs, Coverking ensures that their covers have the same shape like your car.


Intro-Tech is an automotive company specialized in manufacturing of the custom automotive accessories, which operates more than 25 years. Their sunshade covers for cars are produced by using the advanced computer cutting technology and the finest raw materials. Intro-Tech has launched the following car cover models:
  1. Custom Auto Shade
  2. Gold Auto Shade
  3. Ultimate Reflector custom folding auto shade
  4. Premium folding auto shade
  5. Custom Bubble Shade

Dash Designs

For more than 25 years, Dash Designs has always been at the foreground when it comes to the custom automotive iIndustry. As they claim on their official site, Dash Designs company provides the high-quality engineered products to their customers in order to enhance their driving experience. To achieve that, they use State-of-the-Art Manufacturing processes and Computer-Aided Design technology. As the result of this, Dash Designs car sunshade covers are of the finest quality and used worldwide.

Lanmodo Innovative Auto Car Umbrella

Lanmodo is a new type of vehicle umbrella that can put an end to these two troubles. It can keep the car cool, protect it from damaging sun rays and as a bonus, you won't have to deal with dust, fallen leaves, bird droppings or rain that can ruin the paint. With products sold in over 100 countries and years under its belt, this company had time to develop and create products according to the customers' demands. The product combines personal preference (4 available colors) with technology that can keep your car up to 36 degrees cooler than cars without the umbrella. The material used is nitrile rubber with a powerful absorption, which keeps the umbrella steady. It is safe to use as its double windproof design in two-layers protects the car umbrella even in strong windy conditions. The first layer is composed by four wind ropes to give stability and the second one is formed by the car umbrella cloth that will automatically leave the holder when there is some breeze around. That's why Lanmodo is by far the best sunshade for car.

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