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Traditional Garage Vs Innovative Lanmodo Portable Car Shelter

Mar 11, 2019, 4:51 pm / Lara

Why A Car Shelter Is Essential

After buying a car, one of the things that are at the top of your to-do list is it is ensuring that you protect it from anything that can cause any kind of damage so that the car can be of service to you for a longer period of time. One of the best ways of ensuring that your car is always protected is buying a mobile car shelter. A car shelter protects your car from being damaged that is caused by sunlight and snow. Too much exposure of your car to the sun causes the car's paintwork to fade, especially those cars with paints such as blue, red, and black. Excessive cold such as the one experienced during winter can also do a lot of damage to your car which includes causing a failure of your cars wiper and washer solvent, causing the death of your car's battery, and weakening the reliability of your car's spark plug.

Traditional Garage Vs Lanmodo Portable Car Shelter

Traditional Garage

Generally, when people think about car shelters, the first thing that usually comes to mind is the traditional garage. This means the walled and roofed structure that is mostly attached to homes and is meant for storing cars; this is what usually comes to mind when people think about car shelters.

Some of the merits of this traditional garage include
  1. They protect your car from bad weather. This is because they are built to be weather resistant thus helping to keep your car safe even in tough weather conditions.
  2. Since they are mostly attached to houses, you can easily use them in case you need extra space for office or even storage.
  3. They protect your car against break-ins since the car is usually inside the house.

Their demerits, on the other hand, are such as;

  1. A traditional garage is usually a health hazard as smoke and other fumes that are emitted by the cars enter your home.
  2. They are expensive to build.
  3. They are limiting since they cannot be moved or modified without destroying your home.

Lanmodo Portable Car Shelter

Modern car shelters are meant to solve the issues that the traditional garages have not been able to solve and one perfect example of such a modern car shelter is the Lanmodo portable car shelter. The following are some of the benefits of using Lanmodo car shelter.
  1. Automatic and Portable
  2. Lanmodo automatic car shelter means that it can be opened and closed with a wireless remote control. This makes it very easy to operate and it is one of the things that help to set it to stay ahead of the curve. In addition, the shelter can easily be folded and that is why it is called a mobile car shelter. It has two types whose package sizes are both 85cm in length and this makes it be very convenient to take out. The other thing that makes Lanmodo portable car shelter to stand out from the rest is that it is suitable to all types of cars including but not limited to SUVs, Sedans, Pickup trucks, Minivans, Sports cars, Luxury vehicles, and Station wagons.

  3. Easy Installation and Elegant
  4. Lanmodo car shelter is very easy and convenient to be installed as it basically takes one person about 30s. This is good news as it means that when it comes to installing this mobile car shelter, you do not need to ask for help from other people as its installation process a very easy and straightforward. Lanmodo portable car shelter is a beautiful shelter which makes your car to look classic. It is cost effective as you will only be required to part with just a fraction of the amount you would have used if you were to build a traditional garage.

  5. Multifunctional Car Shelter
  6. Lanmodo car shelter is also multifunctional. This is very important as a portable car shelter does not limit you in any way since it can be used in many places. This type of shelter can also be very useful to you when doing outdoor activities. You can go fishing with the four-season car shelter in case of hot sunshine or heavy rain; you can have a picnic with the car shelter to enjoy a memorable weekend; you can even go camping with this family camping tent, when you will even hold a night party with your lovable family members.

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