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Temporary Car Shelter vs Permanent Carport, Which Should You Choose?

Mar 12, 2019, 6:21 pm / Lara

Are you caught in between a temporary car shelter and a permanent carport? It's normal to hesitate which one is the best since both of the options have their own advantages and disadvantages. It can be confusing which one would be the best for your car. But if you want to know the pros and cons of these two, this article will greatly help you.

A Review of Permanent Carport

A permanent carport is often confused with a garage. However, these two have several differences that you should know. A carport is smaller than a garage but is also a permanent shelter for your car. If you are living in a place where there is limited space, carports can be built to protect your car.

There are various types of carports to choose from. You can use metal, wood or even aluminum for your carports. These materials make it very durable. Carports, especially those that are made of steel can withstand strong winds, snow, and rain. If you are on a budget, a carport that is made of steel and aluminum is usually cheaper.

While carports are very durable and can even last for years, you should still be aware of the disadvantages that it brings. Carports are usually heavy weight and they can't protect your car if you are outside or when you're not at home. Aside from these, it's extremely difficult to install especially if you are alone. Compared to other types of car shelters, a permanent carport would cost you more.

A Review of Temporary Car Shelter

Just like a carport, a temporary car shelter also protects your car from getting damaged by harmful elements outdoors. There are a lot of temporary car shelters available in the market today and they are also made of various materials.

Car owners might be hesitant in buying temporary car shelters because they are not as durable as a carport. This is because temporary car shelters are usually made of fabric and lighter materials. However, if you are someone wants your car to be protected wherever you go, then a tempo car shelter is suitable for you. Temporary car shelters can be installed anywhere you want. It's a lot easier to install compared to a carport and it's relatively cheaper as well.





Permanent Carport


Takes a lot of time


Very durable, last for over 10 years

Temporary Car Shelter


Easy To Install


Durable, last for years

The Lanmodo Car Shelter: Satisfy Your Needs

As a car owner, you want to give the best protection to your car. However, it can be difficult to choose between a carport and a car shelter. But what if there's a product that can give you carport shelter features?

The Lanmodo temporary car shelter offers the durability like a carport, but at the same time it offers the portability that car shelters also have. Lanmodo is the world's first automatic one in car shelter market, with one click, it will automatically open for you. You can also easily close it using the remote control.

What makes Lanmodo tempo car shelter a great option is that you can bring it anywhere. Other car shelters are too big or heavy to be carried around. It can also be a hassle to assemble other car shelters. Lanmodo eliminates all the hassle because it is light weight and can be folded into a size that you can carry in your car trunk without taking a lot of space. You can take out Lanmodo anytime you need shade or protection for your car.

Lanmodo aims to protect your car against various elements outdoors like the harmful UV rays, bird droppings, rain, and snow thanks to its quality materials and innovative design. If you are worried about strong winds, this car shelter is able to withstand strong winds of 30mph. The advanced features of Lanmodo product also shows that it's more than a car shelter. It has an adjustable stand that you can use if you want to transform it into a beach or fishing umbrella.

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