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Metal vs Fabric: Which One's Better as Your Car Shelter?

Mar 12, 2019, 4:27 pm / Brian Lageose

From keeping your vehicle away from bird droppings and accumulated dust, to protecting it from harsh weather conditions like snowfall, rains and hailstorms, car shelters are the best gifts your cars can have from you. Car shelters are mostly made up of either fabric or metal. Under the two categories also, there are various types, for instance, steel or Oxford cloth. Garages and carports are usually made of metal, while portable car shelters are made of fabric, and the reason why the latter are becoming popular nowadays is because they can be easily carried to places and set up conveniently.

Do you want to know which material is better for you? We shall help you on this regard by giving you a thorough analysis of the two categories – Fabric vs Metal. Let's start!

Fabric Car Shelter

Fabric or tart car shelters are generally low maintenance and reliable owing to the fact that they're really light weight and durable. Made up of mainly steel frames and good quality fabric canopy, the fabric car shelters are highly affordable, while some of them are portable too! As a vehicle coverage, they're extremely dependable. Let us look at some of the advantages and disadvantages that fabric car shelter has.

The pros:

  1. They are very easy to install and have a very light weight
  2. Owing to the materials used in its making, fabric car shelters are relatively cheaper than the other types, thus making them extremely cost effective
  3. Some fabric car shelters are highly portable, which allows them to protect your car against environmental conditions nearly anywhere

The cons:

  1. Fabric car shelters are not as durable as the metal ones, which is evident

The Best Fabric Car Shelter in the Market: Lanmodo Automatic Car Shelter

If you are planning to buy a fabric car shelter, we absolutely recommend Lanmodo Automatic Car Shelter. Hailed as “world's first all-in-one automatic car tent”, this car shelter is a multipurpose equipment! It not just protects your car against winds, rains, fallen leaves and snowfall, but also serves as a tent when you go out camping and provides shade when you sit on the beaches or go fishing. What's more, it can be installed within 30 seconds at the click of a wireless remote control! It is also available for nearly all types of cars.

Metal Car Shelters

What makes a metal car shelter popular is its durability nature and its ability to protect cars effectively. It is more of a permanent solution that is also spacious and versatile! Metal car shelter not just provides protection to your car or act as a storage space, but you can go ahead and use them as a place to carry out your hobbies or as a small workshop area too.

The pros:

  1. Metal car shelters are mostly made of steel, which makes them sturdy and highly durable

The cons:

  1. Because of the heavy metals used in its making, these car shelters are more expensive
  2. They're also very heavy and are not easy to install
  3. Adding to the previous point, they cannot be carried around, and hence they offer protection to your cars only at your homes

The Best Metal Car Shelter in the Market:Shelterlogic Arrow Carport

Arrow's All-Steel Carport is a highly convenient and reliable all-weather protection solution for your car. The carports are designed in such a way that they are sturdy and super durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions including accumulation of snow fall. The structure is full of strength and stable and the galvanized coating of its steel roof makes it rust and corrosion resistant too. It also offers a 10-year warranty.

Though both Fabric and Metal Car Shelters provide equal protection to your cars and have their own pros and cons, what matters most is your budget. You need to choose the most suitable material for your car. After doing all the necessary research, take a wise decision. If you're more of a road-traveler, we recommend you to buy a portable fabric car shelter by Lanmodo as it would be the best choice for you.

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