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How to Choose a Suitable Winter Car Shelter?

Mar 6, 2019, 4:54 pm / Abigail Williams
Winter is a season of the year with extreme harsh weather that usually makes people feel uncomfortable. It may be surprising for you to know that winter weather is not only always harsh on human body but also on objects like cars and others. So, when you pack your car outside uncovered during winter it will be covered with snow. When snow covers your car the temperature of the car will reduce causing most parts not to be able to function normally. On that note you need to ensure proper shelter and coverage over your car during winter. But, the issue is how to choose suitable winter car shelter with many types available in the market. Car shelter is divided into two types here such as stationary and movable car shelter.

Part 1: Stationary Winter Car Shelter

The first and most popular winter car canopy is stationary manual car cover. It is the one you can easily found in the compound of most car owners. They are built in such a way that they can guarantee absolute coverage over car. That is even one of the reasons they are more popular than most car shelters. But, it is important that you take some time to find out the cons and pros of the shelter you are getting for your car. Knowing the cons and pros will make you know whether you are making right choice or not.

The Prose of Stationary Winter Car Shelter You Need to Know
  1. Provides absolute coverage over car
  2. Last longer than most car shelters around
  3. Protect cars from snow falls
  4. Can accommodate more than one cars at a time
  5. Dependable for car coverage in the garage during winter weather.
Some Cons of the Stationary Car Shelter You need to know
  1. Cannot move but only use in permanent space
  2. Big enough to take up huge space
  3. Quite heavy and big
  4. Suitable only for those with big enough yard
  5. Requires more than two people for installation
  6. Take much time for installation
  7. Manually operated causing discomfort and stress to users.
With the cons and pros provided here about the stationary winter car cover it is obvious that the cons are more than the pros. That is the reason despite being the first and most popular car shelter it still not the favorite for most car owners.

Part 2: Lanmodo Portable Car Shelter for Winter

Apart from the stationary type of winter canopy for car, there are also movable ones. The movable type has many brands. The Lanmodo portable car shelter for winter is the best so far. They are built with automatic functionality operated with remote control making it easy to use. There are some important features of Lanmodo winter car cover that made it the best among others.

Some important features of Lanmodo car tent that made it best cover for car in the winter weather.
  1. Easy to use due to the automatic functionality
  2. Portable enough to be carried from one place to another without discomfort
  3. Protect car from hail
  4. Protect car from snow fall
  5. Protect car from acid rain
  6. Suitable for all kinds of vehicles including SUV, sport car, sedan and others
  7. Easy to install by one person
  8. Operated with remote control
  9. Do not occupy extra space from the original space of the car
  10. Can be carried along from one place to another for effect car cover during winter
  11. Protect car from elements such as dirt, leaves and bird dropping
In fact, there are quite a number of benefits associated with Lanmodo portable car shelter for winter that made it suitable for everyone. You need not seek assistance of another person to get the car shelter in winter installed as you can do yourself. Lanmodo car shelter for winter also offers multipurpose functions for the users. They can be used while on the go and when the car is packed. In addition to that Lanmodo car shelter can be useful for beach party, camping and other outdoor activities during winter. These are more are reasons you should ensure you switch from Stationary Winter Car Shelter to Lanmodo Portable Car Shelter for winter.

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