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How to Choose a Suitable Temporary Car Shelter

Mar 6, 2019, 5:10 pm / Lara
While trying to buy suitable temporary car shelter, there are some quick and simple but important questions you need to answer. What type of temporary car shelter do you want? Is it complex and strong one or just simple and easy to one? What is the situation that warrants your need for temporary car shelter? Are you looking for the umbrella for harsh bad weather such as heavy rain, hot sun, or storm at the time of your travel or parking while you are at work? What is the size of your car? Your answers to these questions will help you make right choice in your temporary car cover choice.

Part 1: Big Size Whole Protective Temporary Car Shelter

  1. The big size whole protection temporary car shelter is good protection when it comes to covering entire car as it is always install like house used for car protection. So, you will be sure of whole protection to your car when you select this kind of car cover.
  2. It might be needed during snowstorm day or storm. When your entire car is protected using this big size whole protection temporary car shelter, it is possible to be sure of complete protection from snowfall and storm. That is the reason why most people normally go for this kind of car cover when in need of suitable temporary car shelter over their car.
Apart from the benefits listed above about big size whole protection temporary car shelter another there are still some downside you need to consider before going ahead to invest your money into it. Some of the downsides you need to know include:
  1. It is usually stationary at home. That means you can only need this kind of car protection cover when you want to park your car at home and not when you want to go to the office or even travel away from your home.
  2. It is also difficult and hard to setup. The difficulty involve in setting this kind of car cover up can demand the effort of many people to be done. Though this kind of car cover can be dis-assembled, the so many accessories on it can much storage space in warehouse. These are the reasons why you need not to go for this kind of car cover.

Part 2: Portable Lanmodo Car Umbrella for Anytime Needs

If what you want is a portable car shield for your daily use, then Lanmodo car umbrella is the choice you need to make. It is built with the features that made it suitable for your everyday use. It has multiple functions including rainproof, sunshade, up to 7 speed strong wind proof as well as snow-proof. In fact, this car umbrella is built to go everywhere with your car. So, you will not even need to worry about anything when it gets it covering your car. Some other features of this wonderful car umbrella that made it a must for every car users include:
  1. Easy to use with remote control. That means everyone can use this car cover with the easy to use feature. To set up this car umbrella all you need is a press on your remote control and the umbrella will unfold to cover your car completely. In fact, the remote control feature of this car is the reason why even a kid can set it up without passing through any form of stress.
  2. It is built with suitable size for different cars: This is another reason why Lanmodo is the best car cover you need to always look for when you want to enjoy complete protection over your car. It comes with complete protection over cars of different sizes including minivan, SUV, sedan and others.
  3. Good protection for car from summer to winter. With anti-heated theory that makes heat air flow between car and umbrella, the car can be cooler. Since it is made of waterproof material, the Lanmodo car umbrella can be rain-proof, snow-proof.
  4. Portable folding structure makes it be useful in everywhere. The volume only be 85*22*22cm when it be packed well, which is easy to put in trunk for anytime needs.
If you are looking for a suitable and good portable temporary car shelter, Lanmodo car umbrella should be your first thinking. Learn more about Lanmodo.

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