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FAQ About Temporary Winter Car Shelter

Mar 12, 2019, 4:23 pm / Brian Lageose
Q: Hi, the winter is just around the corner. I have heard a lot of discussions about how seriously the damage to cars from snow and hail can be. So what can I do to protect my car?
A: Hi, investing in a winter car shelter is a good choice. Are you looking for a car shelter that can protect your car both when you're on the road and indoor?

Q: I will prefer a product that can offer protection to my car both when I am indoor and outdoor. This is because I need to go out often.
A: I see, then the temporary winter car shelter will be your best option.

Q: Really? It sounds like a new product on the market, can you introduce this product in detail?
A: Tempo winter car shelters as they are often referred to be temporal structures designed to protect your car from the snow during the winter. They are easy to install and also portable. The design of temporal car shelters varies from one brand to the other. From the circular winter car shelter to squared shaped types. Recently, we have those designed in the shape of a large umbrella. Temporal car shelters are gradually becoming more popular among car owners these days.

Q: Sounds good. How well can it protect my car during the winter?
A: Yes of course. It is capable of protecting your car in the winter. The strong metal frames are designed to withstand heavy buildup of snow. It is designed to spread out over your car and prevent snow and hail from having direct contact with your car and causing damages.

Q: Wow! Sounds interesting. Can you recommend one quality tempo car shelter then?
A: Presently, there is one tempo car shelter that meets your requirement in the market. The Lanmodo winter car shelter.

Q: Interesting! Can you tell me more about the Lanmodo brand?
A: The Lanmodo brand is designed from high-quality oxford material with strong frames that can withstand buildup of snow. What makes the Lanmodo different from other car shelters is the fact that it is very easy to install and user-friendly. The Lanmodo is also portable and does not add extra weight to your car. It is a temporal structure and can be easily dismantled with ease.

Q: What other interesting features can you share with us about the Lanmodo winter car shelter?
A: There are other interesting features of the Lanmodo that makes it an ideal brand for your winter car protection. The Lanmodo brand comes with a remote control and takes only about 8 seconds to spread out when you push the button. It comes with extra wind protection straps that are attached to the side glasses and rear doors that helps to keep the car shelter more stable. The Lanmodo car shelter comes in custom designs to ensure your satisfaction.

Q: How difficult is it to clean the Lanmodo winter car shelter?
A: The Lanmodo car shelter is very easy to clean. After a snowy day, it is very common for frost to form on your car shelter. All you need to do is scoop off frost gently and dab the remnants dry with a towel. Allow it to dry completely before folding. This will help your car shelter to last longer.

Q: How secure is my car shelter?
A: The Lanmodo is designed with some vital steps to ensure that it is safe even when you're not there. The product is designed with anti-theft steel wire belt. The belt is held firmly by a suction base to prevent it from coming off easily in case of theft. With the Lanmodo brand, you can now go shopping with your mind at peace knowing your car shelter is firmly secured.

Q: Besides the winter, is it possible to use the Lanmodo in other weather condition?
A: Yes of course. The Lanmodo is UV treated and designed to also keep your car safe from the sun's UV rays during the summer. It can reduce the temperature of your car for up to 30o. With the Lanmodo, there will be no more heat waves welcoming you when you open your car. The Lanmodo temporal car shelter is one product that is can assure your car is safe all year round.

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