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Car Shelter Shopping Guide

Mar 13, 2019, 11:37 am / Brian Lageose

Before you set out to purchase a car shelter, two things come in mind, quality and price. Every car owner wants a quality car shelter yet also they consider their budget. Car shelter prices vary from company to company. This shopping guide will be looking at some of the popular car shelter brands and their prices, and will give some suggestions when purchasing a car shelter.

Lanmodo automatic car shelter

The Lanmodo automatic car shelter has been in the market for some time now, and it has shown a lot of positive impacts that car owners love. Some of the key features that make the lanmodo car shelter stand out are:

  1. Automatic
  2. By saying automatic, it means much human labor is not required. All Lanmodo car shelter needs is putting it on car roof and then operated via a remote control. When you press the remote, the car shelter takes only 8 seconds to spread out. This car shelter is user-friendly.

  3. Portable
  4. The lanmodo car shelter is portable. Different from car shelters out there claiming to be portable, the lanmodo car shelter is truly portable that it can be folded and put into car trunk. So it's easy to take this car shelter anywhere.

  5. Four-season car protection
  6. Lanmodo is designed with 3-ply UV treated material. This high-quality material is designed to keep your car safe in summer and capable of protecting your car from hail and snow. The lanmodo automatic car shelter has different units, with cost from $239 to $799. Why not hurry today and enjoy the wonderful gadget.

Sheltercoat Custom Sheds

This car shed consists of a tough polyethylene material and a solid steel frame. This UV pre-treated material is designed to protect your car from the sun. The premium powder coat finish helps to keep the frame structure from rusting.

  1. Heavy duty steel frame for solid support, therefore not portable.
  2. Designed with universal foot ratchets, which helps to keep the structure firmly attached to the ground anchor.
  3. Designed for maximum durability and strength.
  4. Designed with stabilizers. These stabilizers are used to improve strength and stability. These stabilizers can be found on all rib joints.
  5. Provides a complete covering for your car.

The sheltercoat custom shed will cost you about $359.99 to purchase. This does not include the cost of installation. You may, however, choose to install it yourself or hire a professional.

Snail Heavy Duty Waterproof Outdoor Domain Carports

This product is also known as the car canopy. They are designed to provide instant protection from the adverse effect of the weather. This product consists of steel frames and high quality covering material. Setting up this product may require more services than of one person. This product is also not portable.

  1. Designed with solid steel frames coated with powder for stability.
  2. Corrosion and rust resistant steel and a 160g polythene cover. Capable of withstanding the rain, snow, and wind.
  3. Designed with foot pad for extra support and stability. Comes with heavy duty bungee cords to help keep the tarp cover firmly secured to the anchor point.
  4. The product comes with installation manual and easy to set up.

Peaktop Heavy Duty Portable Carport Garage

The Peaktop heavy duty car shelter is designed to keep your car safe from the adverse effect of the weather. This product is of very high quality and can be dismantled and re-assembled in a new location. The Peaktop is fire resistance and water resistance. It does not require any digging or field cutting to install.

  1. Rust-resistant frame
  2. Frame coated with silver powder.
  3. Joints made of welded steel for increased strength.
  4. All joints pre-welded and fit firmly with heavy-duty bolts and screws.

The price range for this carport is from $129 to $159.

Halfords All Seasons Car Cover Medium

The Halfords all season car cover is designed to ensure your car stays safe in all seasons. It is very portable and comes in a durable carrier bag. Car covers are very portable but have a lot of downsides. Their lifespan is usually shorter than other car shelters. It is suitable for those on a journey due to its high portability. But if you're looking for strength and durability, car covers are not the best idea.

  1. This car cover is breathable with extra air vents in front and rear for breathability
  2. It is suitable for all weather conditions
  3. Fleecing linen for increased protection
  4. Securing straps under for improved fit.
  5. End panels are elasticated to fit properly around bumpers.

Determine what you want before throwing in your cash on a product. It is better to invest in a car shelter that offers you durability and portability all in one place. The above 5 car shelters are the best car shelters in market, you can have a look and make a decision then!

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