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A Review Of Different Types Of Car Shelters

Mar 12, 2019, 4:28 pm / Abigail Williams

When it comes to our cars, we are usually protective, which is very understandable because we spend a lot on the purchase and maintenance of a car. Of course, as a car owner, you have to find the best ways to protect your valuable investment. You might have heard about various car shelter types that you can use for this matter. But are they all suitable for you? To help answer this question, we've compiled and reviewed the car shelters that you might want to try today.

Automatic Car Shelter

An automatic car shelter is one of the newest options that car owners can have today. Lanmodo is the first automatic car shelter that you'll find in the market today. It's an all-in-one product that makes protecting your car easier. What's impressive about this car shelter is that it's really easy to install on your car: using a remote control, you will be able to open this car shelter and close it when fixing it on top of your car with a suction cup, which ensures not to scratch your car. Lanmodo automatic car shelter comes in two sizes that will fit your car, so you won't have any problem whether your car is a compact sedan or something bigger like an SUV or a family van. The best thing about this kind of shelter is that it's going to provide four-season protection to your car, which means your car will be protected from UV rays in summer, fallen leaves in autumn, snow and hail in winter and rain water in spring. Besides, it can withstand strong winds of up to 30 mph.

Lanmodo car shelter also has other incredible benefits that will bring joy to your life. If you are going to the beach or for a picnic, you can use it as a beach umbrella, a fishing umbrella, and a camping tent. These features make Lanmodo multipurpose car shelter even more special.

Traditional Garage

A traditional garage is the most common form of car shelter for everyone due to its early appearance. It's also the most reliable for a lot of people because it is usually made of durable material and has a more solid structure. This kind of car shelter protects your car from animals, dust, the sun's heat, and other elements that might damage car exterior. What's better, because garage is attached to a house, it can be used as a store room, where you can keep other items.

However, not everyone has the space to accommodate a traditional garage because it takes up too much space. Besides, the building cost of a garage is higher.

Metal and Wooden Carport

Now that you are familiar with a traditional garage, it will be easier to imagine a carport. This is a kind of car shelter that is almost similar to a garage. However, it doesn't have to be attached to your home. Another difference of a carport from a garage is that, it doesn't have a garage door. It can also be made from either metal or wood, depending on what you prefer. Because of its material, carport is also strong and durable, but maybe expensive to build one.

Portable Car Cover

Unlike the two previous types of car shelters, a portable car cover is more simple. It's designed to wrap your car instead of forming a protective roof. Car cover is usually made of lightweight fabric so that it can be folded and packed, really easy to take out, but it's somewhat troublesome to open it to cover the car and then fold back every time. This kind of car shelter, according to people's needed protection for car, like sunshade and snow proof, is designed with corresponding functions and you can choose what suits you best. If you want a portable car shelter, this one is among your best choices.

When choosing a car shelter, just remember to choose the ones that are cost-effective. Also keep in mind that a good car shelter must give your car needed protection. Enjoying extra features from your car shelter is also a bonus point, that's why Lanmodo is one of the best options out there.

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