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A Review of 7 Incredible Car shelter Ideas in 2018

Mar 12, 2019, 4:30 pm / Lara
Have you had enough of seeing those similar shelters on the market? In fact, there are some amazing car shelter designs that are useful and innovative that will give you a new perspective of what a car shelter can be like. Among these car shelters, some are already in mass production; some are just ideas that have not been carried out. Therefore, we invite you to take a look at the most amazing models of car shelters in 2018, so you can compare all the designs and find the most appropriate for your car. Join us!

1. Lanmodo all-in-one automatic car shelter

In the first position of this list, you will find the wonderful Lanmodo all-in-one automatic car shelter, an absolutely incredible idea to protect your vehicle. What's so special about it? Well this design gives you the protection and convenience you need to take care of your car. Lanmodo car shelter is made of strong fiberglass structure and durable fabric canopy, there it can protect your car from accidentally falling objects, rain and snow, so it is ideal for car protection. In addition, this incredible car shelter has a unique automated system, which means it can be opened and closed just by a remote control and gives you the simplicity of its implementation. What's more, Lanmodo offers you multiple benefits since it has the all-in-one unit, namely Lanmodo all-in-one car shelter can be perfectly used as a beach umbrella with an adjustable stand a large camping tent with the side canopies.

2. Solar panel carport

Without a doubt, there is a no better option to save and generate energy than emerging solar technology. In the second place of this visit, we present you the wonderful idea of solar panel carport whose roof is installed with solar panels. Such carport has two benefits: first is protecting your car from all elements, second is getting solar energy needed for your home. No doubt the design of solar panel carport is very attractive because of its eco-friendliness.

3. Green roof pavilion

Nowadays natural ideas and designs are fashionable. So why not add it to car protection? This roof is perfect for giving your home a natural and eco-friendly feel while protecting your car from rain and cold nights.The green roof pavilion is characterized by being decorated with plants and vegetation on its top. It also comes with a waterproof and drainage system so that water will not accumulate or flow into your car. If you consider yourself a nature lover, this design is ideal for you.

4. Timber Carport Design with Stacked Stone Column Bases

If you are a person who prefers rustic designs and vintages with security, the following design will catch you. Built with steel bases and strong columns, such carport is very resistant; it can protect your car as well as used as the pavilion for family afternoon tea. The advantages of this product in addition to its appearance is that if you are a construction lover you can take the initiative and do it to your liking by creating a design that fits your home.

5. Integrated bike and car parking

The following design is an ideal model for a family with bikes and cars, because it integrates car parking and bike parking, so you can save much space. This integrated design for bicycles and cars creates a sense of order and unique style. Although it's a little-known design, it's certainly avant-garde and great for people who enjoy spacious, well-kept spaces.

6. Retractable car canopy

At the moment of taking care of your car, there is nothing better than a modern retractable canopy. This car canopy is based on a retractable system, which allows it to be opened to protect your vehicle and then folded back to save space. Retractable car canopy is an accessible and comfortable option for you by adapting to any place and space you want and taking care of your car at the same time.

7. Caribe Car Shelter

Finally, the following design belongs to the natural and ecological type. It's a great design to create a fresh and comfortable space because such car shelter is integrated into your garden. In this particular case, the model is not predetermined since you can create and customize the product based on your tastes and needs. Without a doubt this product, even if it is only in development, has many possibilities of being the future of the car shelter of the next years.

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