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A Detailed Review of Different Car Shelter Materials

Mar 11, 2019, 5:15 pm / Lara

Driving your new car must be a lot of fun and provides some satisfaction. However, there is always some issues when it comes to selecting a car shelter. There are a whole lot of different materials out there used in the production of car shelters. With every choice of material you make, there are the pros and cons attached. In this review, we will be looking at different car shelter materials and their strength and weaknesses. This review is written as a guide when purchasing a car shelter.

The Steel Car Shelter

Metal car shelters play an important role in car shelter market, with the choice of metal range from lightweight to heavy-duty material.
The steel car shelter consists mainly of a steel frame and canopy or in some cases, metal is used for the complete construction. Once the frame structure is completed, you can choose the desired look by purchasing a customized canopy. In other cases, you may choose to select from the full metal structure range. The good thing is, you get to select the custom size of your car shelter. For enhanced security and stability, it can be bored into the concrete floor and held with concrete. This practice gives the steel frames the needed support. There are some advantages attached to purchasing a steel car shelter.

  1. The steel car shelter is sturdy. It can withstand even the toughest weather conditions.
  2. The steel car shelter is designed for long lasting experience.
  1. The steel car shelter is expensive. Considering the cost of metal and the size of the shelter. It is not suitable for anyone hoping to save cost. But steel car shelters are less expensive than building a garage from the scratch.
  2. It begins to rust over-time and the cost of repairs and replacement is also very high.

Aluminum Car Shelter

The Aluminum car shelter is durable and beautiful. High-quality aluminum can last much longer than its metal counterpart. With the Aluminum car shelter, you no longer have to be afraid of rust. It serves as a perfect shade for your car and helps reduce the heat drastically in summer. Since aluminum is stain proof, cleaning is very easy. This car shelter will remain shiny for a long time. The Aluminum car shelter can be bought as a kit and installed where needed.

  1. The aluminum car shelter is lightweight, it is far easier to maintain in terms of cleaning.
  2. Unlike its metal counterpart, aluminum does not rust and therefore it is bound to last longer and maintain its shiny looks.
  1. The Aluminum car shelter like the steel car shelter is expensive, not suitable for people with limited budget.
  2. It is not easy to install by an individual.

The wooden car shelter

When you're opting to invest in a car shelter that can offer both aesthetic and functional values, the wooden car shelter is the ideal car shelter to invest in. There are a variety of wooden car shelters to choose from. Each comes with its unique design and looks. The wooden car shelter can be customized for different weather conditions. It is therefore important to understand the requirements of every weather before setting up a wooden car shelter.

  1. They finished product appears very beautiful. It is the ideal product for those looking for aesthetic beauty.
  2. A variety of wood and designs to pick from.
  1. Heavyweight: due to the quality of the wood needed for this product, it can become really heavy.
  2. The installation process requires high-level professionalism.

Fabric car shelter

The fabric car shelter remains the most popular and widely used car shelter around the globe. Fabric car shelter can really be handy when dealing with the elements of the weather. Since the material is fabric, it can easily be folded and carried about and used whenever and wherever. So if you want to protect your car for most of the time, fabric car shelter may be the best one. However, there are also some cons to this product. But in all, fabric car shelter may be a very cost-effective choice.

  1. They are lightweight and easy to carry about.
  2. When compared to the other car shelters, they are completely cost-effective car shelter.
  3. Because of their lightweight, they are very portable. Some come with special bags for carrying them around.
  1. They do not guarantee a high level of protection in turbulent weather conditions such as heavy hail.


Steel car shelter Expensive Sturdy Heavy Durable Difficult
Aluminum car shelter More expensive Tough Medium weight Very Durable Medium Difficulty
Wooden car shelter Expensive Strong Quite heavy Durable Difficult and complicated
Fabric car shelter Cheap Medium strength Light Medium durability Very easy

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